Screenshot of Mike Adams article on skeptics

What Skeptics Really Believe (and why Mike Adams is a depraved conveyor of disinformation )

This article is a review of Mike Adams 2010 article on skeptics. Mike Adams looks like a nice guy, right? Well, it turns out behind that smile is a self-serving, disingenuous spoon feeder of disinformation. What’s skepticism? It’s simple; skepticism is a methodology of thought: Do not accept claims without evidence or reason. Remember that …

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A doctor administers a vaccination to a man as harmful vaccination misinformation spreads.

Vaccination Misinformation: Harmful Propaganda

Immeasurable suffering has resulted from vaccination misinformation through harmful propaganda campaigns Vulnerable people in our society such as older people, children and those already fighting disease suffer because of harmful vaccination misinformation. Nick brushed on this topic in his article “Let’s Get Immunised To Bullshit”. Unfortunately, I don’t think that we can let it lie …

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