Cookie Statement for Jacmus

Jacmus uses cookies. Cookies improve user experience. They also help with site promotion allowing us to see what we are doing right and wrong. 

If you don’t want to use our cookies, that’s okay. However, if you subtract our cookies, it might affect your website experience.

Don’t you love Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster? Of course, we don’t make our cookies at Jacmus with sugar or chocolate chips.

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small text file that saves to your computer when you browse and interact with our website. The text file contains information such as preferences which identifies you as a website user.

Sometimes, the cookie contains personal information, but only the personal information that you provide.

Cookies can be session based or persistent.

Persistent cookies save to your computer when you interact with a website or app.

Session-based cookies only last as long as you’re browsing the site.

There are also two key types of cookies.

  1. First party cookies: those issued by this website. They are used to enhance your experience. An example would be an analytic cookie to understand how a user interacts with Jacmus.
  2. Third party cookies: those set by other interested parties, such as marketing companies. These cookies might be read when you visit other websites to deliver personalized advertising. You know, that advertising that follows you around.

Cookies served at Jacmus

This list may change from time to time depending on the apps, plugins and services installed at Jacmus. You may also be interested in reading our Privacy Policy.

_nidGoogle 10 YearsPreference cookie containing user information such as preferred language.
_gaGoogle Analytics 2 YearsAnalytics: used to distinguish users.
_gatGoogle 1 MinuteAnalytics: used to distinguish users.
_gidGoogle 24 HoursAnalytics: used to throttle request.
eucookielaw Jetpack 30 DaysChecks if you’ve accepted our cookie agreement.
tk_lr WordPress 5 Years Analytics: Collects user activity internal metrics
tk_or WordPress jacmus.com2 Days Analytics: Collects user activity internal metrics.
tk_r3d WordPress 2 Weeks Analytics: Collects user activity internal metrics.
tfw_exp Twittertwitter.com2 Weeks Set by Twitter for performance capabilities.
tk_ai WordPress jacmus.com5 Years Analytics: Randomly generates an anonymous ID.
tk_qs WordPress jacmus.com24 Hours Analytics: Collects user activity internal metrics.
comment_author WordPress 347 days Commentator cookie so you won’t need to re-enter all your information.
comment_author_email WordPress 347 days  Commentator cookie so you won’t need to re-enter all your information.
comment_author_url WordPress jacmus.com347 days Commentator cookie so you won’t need to re-enter all your information.
jetpack_comments_subscribe Jetpack jacmus.com347 daysRecords what you specify in the post and comment subscription checkboxes.
jetpack_blog_subscribe Jetpack jacmus.com348 DaysRecords what you specify in the post and comment subscription checkboxes
woocommerce_cart_hash Woocommerce jacmus.comSessions Woocommerce Cart cookie. Doesn’t store personal information.
langTwitter cdn.syndication.twimg.comSessions Exists on pages where twitter widget or twitter button exists.
01AI Akamia abmr.net1 Year Functionality cookie to enable streaming data like video streaming

If I have not listed your preferred browser above, you may find it and more information on cookies at About Cookies.

Pixels, web beacons and other tech

A pixel is a small amount of code on a web page or in an email notification. This website may also use pixels to learn whether you’ve interacted with my website. Web beacons are similar. They’re an empty image file that tracks how you browse through a website.

For more information