If we have a Universal Health Care System, Do We Need Private Health?

We live in a capitalist’s world. It’s where corporations, small and large, compete for everyone’s money while trying to scrimp and save by cost-cutting the services they deliver. Private health insurance companies aren’t alone in this endeavour. At one end of the spectrum, private businesses are flogging services and products and productised services that they …

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woman studies bible as evidence of a god

Is Scripture Proof That God Exists?

When asked to provide evidence that a god exists, religious people including Christians turn to their bible or religious books for answers. But is scripture proof that God exists? Scripture is often quoted proof that god exits, especially when debating the existence of a deity. Religious institutions¬†encourage us to accept scripture as proof of a …

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Jacmus: never stop questioning

Never stop questioning

Albert Einstein once advised his audience to remain curious. “The most important thing is not to stop questioning,” he said. It’s one of his more famous quotes and a significant influence behind the making of Jacmus. It’s during the early years in life when we are most inquisitive. We often search for meaning in everything …

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