Zimmerman’s Personal Hell

Zimmerman became a free man today. The not guilty verdict brought great disappointment to many including myself.  Its been an experience I have felt twice in the last twenty-four hours. The first is with the not guilty verdict in the death of Trayvon Martin.  I’ve been avoiding writing about it. I didn’t want to make too many assumptions based on sketchy witnesses, or give too many biased opinions. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of  that kind of bullshit around at the moment. The second disappointment comes from seeing those who supported a not guilty verdict, making up lies about the case while they brag about their own victorious ego of knowing the ‘facts’.

The verdict of not guilty on all charges was disappointing.

I don’t care about murder two, three or four, if four even exists in Florida.

I at least had some small hope, that a verdict of guilty would be delivered for manslaughter.

Why Manslaughter?

  1. Zimmerman sees a child walking through his neighbourhood that he doesn’t know.
  2. Zimmerman calls 911 who advises against following this person.
  3. Zimmerman chooses to disregard this advice.
  4. Zimmerman chooses to take the law into his own hands.
  5. Zimmerman chooses to take a loaded gun with him.
  6. Zimmerman follows who he thinks is a suspicious character.
  7. Martin is walking home and notices he is being followed.
  8. Zimmerman and Martin find themselves in physical altercation.
  9. Zimmerman fires his loaded gun.
  10. Zimmerman kills a child.
  11. Zimmerman never denies shooting Martin.
  12. Zimmerman states it was self defense.
  13. Martin has a drink and skittles on him.

These simple facts about Zimmerman’s and Martin’s actions at the time are what we all know as the truth.

In a world where common sense rules, guilty of manslaughter is a rational verdict to come too. Considering everything else presented at the trial was hearsay, opinions and assumptions with the exception of the above points.

CNN reports the following about manslaughter in Florida:

To convict Zimmerman of manslaughter, the jurors would have had to believe he “intentionally committed an act or acts that caused the death of Trayvon Martin.” 


Did Zimmerman intentionally follow Martin?  Yes

Did Zimmerman intentionally take his own gun? Yes

Did Zimmerman intentionally shoot his own gun? Yes

Did Zimmerman shoot Martin?  Yes

If Zimmerman hadn’t followed Martin would Martin be alive? Yes.

Did Zimmerman intentionally commit an act or acts that caused the death of Trayvon Martin?


The history of either Zimmerman or Trayvon has little bearing in this case.

Zimmerman’s decision to take the law into his own hands that night resulted in the death of a child.

Statue of Liberty in New York
Statue of Liberty in New York

No Legal Justice for Trayvon Martin

The verdict is disappointing to those of us who feel that the trial did not do justice in this case. Unfortunately, in Florida as it is many places around the world the legal system often does not provide adequate justice. Laws are:

  • ambiguous
  • archaic
  • passed into action by politicians with their own religious and personal agendas
  • do not make a whole lot of sense, and
  • weak, by allowing people to get away with wrongful and deliberate actions of harm against others.

The legal system allows:

  • speculation
  • hearsay, and
  • opinions that we are asked to believe are facts.

“Expert witnesses” with trumped up experience and resumes are paid to provide their opinions supporting one side or the other. I should know, I use to work for an expert witness and type up his court statements. They never witness anything to actually do with the case. Despite the shortcomings of the legal system, we are asked to accept the outcome, as a fair outcome of the judicial system.


Unjustified, Self Inflated and Egotistical Social Vampires

To add further disappointment to this case and others like it, are those people who brag about knowing what the verdict was going to be all along. Especially in this very publicized trial there are many on Social Media who appear to be  getting off by stroking their egos. These self confessed know it alls who:

  • did their own self research
  • know all the facts
  • know they are right on everything, and
  • came to their own judgements of the truth even before the trial began.

MundaneMatt – “I’m factually accurate and ultimately right.”

Recently, a person who goes by the nick “MundaneMatt” (@mundanematt) put a video on his YouTube channel regarding his opinion of the case. One of many.

While watching this video, I recall feeling great disappointment in the presentation.

In the video MundaneMatt:

  • presents conclusions about Martin’s past and character which have no bearing on the case
  • takes it upon himself to judge Martin’s actions leading up to the child’s death.
  • mentions researching the case extensively for a number of months
  • admits to publishing a number of videos on YouTube about the case purely as a way of getting attention
  • asks you to trust his opinion and research now because this video is different, and
  • states that he will show some of  his research as evidence towards the end of the video and then provides absolutely none.

From my experience of watching a selection of his videos, this video appears to be a typical presentation. We hear a lot of hearsay represented as facts backed up by zero evidence. His video presentation is, as he admits at the start of this video is biased, and ruled by his ego in order to gain personally from other people’s misfortune.


Now it wouldn’t be fair of me to mention MundaneMatt’s video without providing it as evidence for my own case.  So here it is:



After the verdict was handed down. I feel MundaneMatt did himself a disservice by claiming the facts were overwhelming based on his video. I challenged him.



Despite my attempts to avoid this controversial topic, I feel my hand has been slightly forced. My objections and questions directed to MundaneMatt’s statements on twitter appear to have gotten me blocked.

Zimmerman Trial questions to Mundane Matt have seen my account blocked
Screen capture of Twitter showing account blocked after asking a couple of honest questions relating to Mundane Matt’s statements on the George Zimmerman Trial

This is quite soul destroying to say the least (insert heavy sarcasm). As I’ve not experienced or seen any evidence of  his own superior skills of legal deduction, I feel my questions and concerns of his public statements are justified. I’ve only ever heard his video blogs or read his tweets. In these he often declares himself an expert with all the facts, but never actually provides us with any validation or credibility. I can only conclude that perhaps my responses were just a little too honest for him? Or maybe (and now I am speculating),  I didn’t respond quickly enough to his initial baiting with this very informative tweet:


Unlike MundaneMatt, I have been away from Twitter to enjoy interesting and ego destroying research and learning on Astronomy, which I’m currently studying through Open2Study.

I sincerely wish Trayvon Martin had the same opportunity to learn that I do.


We Create Our Own Hell

I am still disappointed with the verdict.

Like many others, I will have to be satisfied that George Zimmerman still has a life ahead of him that is not behind bars.

A life which I hope is long and riddled with internal guilt, judgemental looks and a feeling of never being safe again.

Two people knew the truth of what happened on the night that Trayvon Martin died. One of those people is dead and George Zimmerman refused to testify.

Sign the Petition for Justice Department: Open a Civil Rights Case Against George Zimmerman. Sign the petition to the Department of Justice today.



Updated 15/07/2013 to include Van Jones Tweet and include link to Petition.

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