What Writers and Guest Bloggers Should Know If You Want to Write for Jacmus

So…., you’d like a passenger seat in our red Lamborghini?  There are two different ways that you can have a hell of a ride with us: either as a Guest Blogger or as a Permanent Writer.

Guest Bloggers

Guest Blog or Permanent Author?
Guest Blog or join Jacmus as a Permanent Author

Guest Bloggers may be approached and invited to Guest Blog for Jacmus by either an Editor or Administrator.  You may already have a blog that covers any one of the topics found at Jacmus.  That’s okay. We welcome Guest Bloggers who want to write an original article for Jacmus.  Your opinions do not have to align with our other writers’ opinions. In fact you may totally disagree with everyone’s opinion at Jacmus.  That’s okay too.

At Jacmus our aim is to offer a balanced and objective approach to our topics. Everyone has an opinion which doesn’t always have to be the same as other writers at Jacmus. Your writing style can be different, controversial, humorous, honest, robust, formal, factual or similar to our other writers’ styles at Jacmus. Jacmus is seeking well-written original articles that can educate, entertain, inform and generally leave readers with new insights that they may not have previously considered. Be ready to enter into discussion and debate about your article, both here in the comments section of your article and at our Facebook PageGuest Bloggers may be asked to provide a sample of their writing or a link to their existing Blog for our editors to review.

If you are not personally approached, don’t be discouraged.  Contact Us about your interest. Jacmus will respond back with a list of available topics that you can write about at Jacmus. . Once you have completed your first guest blog with us, you may have the opportunity to continue blogging with us on a casual basis, with no deadlines and no ongoing regular commitment or contracts.

Guest Bloggers benefit from having their articles published at Jacmus. They can help to generate interest and free publicity for your own blog or other published works.

Permanent Writers

Unlike our Guest Bloggers who can hop out of Jacmus’ red Lamborghini at any time and be picked up again at their own leisure, our Permanent Writers are expected to participate in all parts of Jacmus on a regular schedule. Permanent Writers may provide daily, bi-weekly weekly and fortnightly contributions and are required to enter discussion in the comment threads under their own articles and also of articles of other Jacmus’ Writers.  Permanent Writers are also encouraged to participate in discussion of articles and topics of interest on Jacmus’ Facebook Page.

Profit Share Contributors’ Program for Permanent Writers – A Democratic Model

Jacmus offers a profit share contributors’ program for Permanent Writers. Any monthly profit will be divided based on the participation profit share program which is calculated prior to business / company tax.  Permanent Writers are not employees of Jacmus or Dubinsky Freelance Writers. Each successful Permanent Writer will be provided with a contract arrangement based on their chosen participation level.  Contractor Writers will need to supply their own office environment, equipment, reliable internet access, fresh ideas and outlooks on the various topics at Jacmus.

Expectations of Profit Share Program for Permanent Writers

Permanent Writers have the freedom to choose to write for one specific area or topic or may decide to write different articles on multiple topics.  Each Writer’s article must be original. Articles should expresses the Writer’s personal view point and contain factual knowledge on the Writer’s chosen topic providing  logical and substantiated evidence where it is available and required.

We value the contribution of Permanent Writers in achieving Jacmus’ success. Jacmus is a place where Humans, including those of opposing opinions, can gather to share their personal views, providing facts and knowledge, evidence and experience on important  topics including political, religious, social changes, sciences and atheism.  Jacmus is a platform for Humans from all over the world. Jacmus provides an online public environment for our Human  species to share and learn from each other about personal views, new ideas, philosophies, hypotheses, theories, truths and values.

Jacmus Writers’ aim is to provide their audience with a deeper understanding of the How?” Jacmus readers will return to Jacmus to learn more and join discussions with Permanent Writers, with a growing appreciation for different beliefs, customs, judiciary and legal systems, political and government structures, scientific research and developments, environmental resources and technological advances.

Jacmus’ Permanent Writers are to add to the debates and discussions on their own articles as well as those of follow writers.  Only spam comments are held and removed once reviewed by an editor or administrator. Jacmus welcomes critical  and conflicting view points. Jacmus Prime Writers are included in the vision and marketing of Jacmus. Permanent Writers are invited to writers’ and editors’ meetings to assist in executive decision making such as sponsorship, advertising, social media and other marketing decisions. Permanent Writers will be provided with monthly financial accounts, such as the profit & loss and balance sheet for Jacmus.com. Hiring decisions of future Permanent Writers or invitations to Guest Bloggers will also be  business decisions that are open for Jacmus Writers, Editors and Administration  to approve in democratic decision making.

Limited Permanent Writers Required for Profit Share Program

Our Contributors’ Profit Share Program is designed to reward our Permanent Writers with a percentage of the profit before company taxes.  This payment is not just for the contribution of articles and to discussions, but also payment to Permanent Writers for their effort in helping to promote their articles, and articles of other Writers at Jacmus through social media, friends and acquaintances.

 We are currently seeking:

  • Daily Writers – committed to one article a day of at least 600 words with SEO consideration
  • Bi-Weekly Writers – committed to two articles a week of at least 600 words with SEO consideration
  • Weekly Writers – committed to one article a week of at least 600 words with SEO consideration
  • Fortnightly Writers – committed to one article a fortnight (two weeks) of at least 600 words with SEO consideration

How to Express Your Interest as a Permanent Writer

To discuss your interest in joining our Contributors’ Profit Share Program, please send us a message through one of the methods mentioned on our Contact Page.