Whistleblower Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty

Private Bradley Manning
Private Bradley Manning appearing at pretrial hearings.

On Thursday, 28 February in the United States of America, the integrity of whistleblower Bradley Manning was on display again to the American justice system. Manning admitted in a statement to court, that he first approached other major media outlets in the USA to release the files. His goal at the time was to release the information to the USA public so that they could understand the real cost of the war.

I have to agree with Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks, that Manning, who would have been unknown to both The Washington Post and New York Times did not have his calls returned as their “Journalists” were used to being fed biased and filtered information directly from the USA Government, passing up the opportunity to engage in real investigative journalism.

Manning has pleaded guilty to lessor charges of misusing classified data in the Wikileaks case. He has denied the top charge of aiding the enemy.

The “enemy” could be none other then investigative journalist, Julian Assange. Assange is founder of Wikileaks and published the leaked documents which were seen around the World, after Manning’s approach to have the story leaked by The Washington Post and The New York Times failed. Since 2012, Julian Assange has been a guest in exile inside the Ecuadorian Embassy on human rights concerns.

Julian Assange’s bid to run for the Federal Australian Senate seat in Victoria, Approved

While Julian Assange is not required to be in Australia during the election period, if elected into office, Assange will have two months to appear in Australia and be sworn into office. Australia’s constitution provides for the safe passage of Australian’s to and from Australia. It would be in the best interest of the incoming Government to ensure his constitutional rights are upheld if Assange wins.  Assange has a strong support base in Australia and many Australian’s myself being one of them are eager for change and transparency within our own Government.

Despite USA President Barack Obama’s claims during his first election that he would have a transparent government, the USA government has instead continued the hidden legacy of the Bush era.

Robert Gibbs, former White House Press Secretary, and now an MSNBC contributor, recently appeared on “Up With Chris Hayes”, a weekend morning show. Gibbs spoke candidly about his involvement in deceiving the American people with information that was being filtered by the White House. Advised by White House officials not to acknowledge the drone program or even discuss its existence, implementation, failures and successes, Gibbs frequently found himself in a tight spot in front of questioning reporters. He would respond to questions on the active drone program by telling press reporters that he had no information on the program, while being completely aware of the program’s existence.

Whistleblowers and Those that Listen, Targeted as Enemies of the United States of America.

Continuing to cover up military concerns and the state of International relations from USA citizens, Barack Obama has instead attempted to shift the focus onto Whistleblowers and alleged cyber criminals, treating them as enemies of the USA.

Whistleblowers continue to discredit Obama and his administration for their verbose and dishonest tactics of the USA’s presence in the Middle East. Tactics designed to keep the American public, ill-informed and uneducated of the real reason for drone strikes and the ambiguous nature of the US Government’s policies and procedures that allow for young American citizens to by murdered by their own Government while abroad and without trial.

Those caught leaking information appear to be the targets of exceedingly long waiting periods in holding cells, including Bradley Manning who was tortured daily in his confined cell and held without trial outside the required legal limit.

This legacy of blatant lies and shrouded half truths, appear to be continuing in President Obama’s final and second term as his administration step up their efforts to reign in Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange and others, like the late Reddit Founder Aaron Swartz, who present a threat to the USA’s credibility and International standing through the investigation and release of classified or ‘top secret’ information.

President Barack Obama’s Witch Hunt

This witch hunt of Obama’s does not solely focus on alleged cyber criminals as enemies of the State.

Former CIA Agent John Kirakou
Former CIA Agent John Kirakou received 30 months in jail for Whistleblowing on Waterboarding and other torture techniques.

It has also, as in Bradley Manning’s case tried to seal the lips of military and other government employees for attempting to make the American people and people of the world more informed of the illegal and underhanded practices that the Obama and Bush Administrations. This appears to be so out of context with the American Constitution, Bill of Rights and USA Whistleblowers’ Protection act. It has also netted another self-confessed whistleblower, former CIA Agent John Kiriakou, 48, of Arlington who recently received 30 months prison sentence for being the first CIA Whistleblower to come forward to reveal his involvement in the deeply covered up interrogation techniques that are being used, such as water boarding.

The Young Turks have declared Julian Assange and his organization Wikileaks as the only real media organization at the time of Bradley Manning’s whistle blowing, who were doing real investigative journalism.

Bradley Manning’s open and sincere confession confirms his intentions as a whistleblower were delivered this week in pretrial proceedings. Agreeing to the lessor charges of misusing classified data, these charges could carry an approximate jail sentence of up to 20 years in prison. His trial due to start in April will now focus on his alleged part of “Aiding the Enemy”.

There has Been Enough Hiding and Cover Up

I think its time that President Barack Obama stopped his Witch Hunt of Whistleblowers and journalists like Assange that have aided them in airing the Truth to the American public and people of the World.

The United States needs Leaders who are fair, open, progressive and honest.

Obama and his White House Administration need to drop the deceit and reveal to the American people, the real reasons behind the Gulf War, War in Afghanistan and targeted drone strikes.  In both wars many innocent and needless lives have been lost. And not just the innocent casualties of wars where tragically young children have been killed for just being born in these regions without choice, but also of those very young American soldiers and soldiers of other nationalities that have laid down their lives and followed orders, believing in the hidden and half truths they have been fed by the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

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