What’s Worse, The Sequester, Or A Deal?

The sequester won’t be an enjoyable experience for many Americans. Cuts to any programs that will jeopardize further jobs or funding for those in need will cause genuine pain in many people’s lives. Worse though than the sequester could be any deal made to avoid its consequences.

Here’s a quote from the source article, containing a statement from President Obama:

Still, White House officials also say they believe Republicans will once again give way to additional tax revenue in part to avoid drastic cuts and in part to win reductions in Medicare and Social Security spending from Obama that they have been unable to get from Democrats before.

“I am prepared to make some tough decisions, some of which will garner some significant frustration on the part of members of my party, but I think it’s the right thing to do,” Obama told top business executives this week.

If the sequester goes through the President will have all of the bargaining chips. The sequester will be divided between cuts on defense spending and cuts on many social programs. To republicans, cuts in defense are anathema.

They will do anything to avoid this, for they would not wish to arouse the ire of the military industrial complex that so generously donates to their campaigns, and ensures many a profitable lobbyist position upon retirement.

When the President says he’s ‘prepared to make some tough decisions’, he’s saying he’s prepared to cut medicare, social security, or medicaid – perhaps two of them, perhaps all three. It’s quite possible a deal made to avoid the sequester will mean less cuts to the bloated defense budget.

It depends where the President’s and the democrats real interests lie. If it’s with the people of America, they will not cut entitlements that have been thrown to the American people as red herrings, distracting them from the fact it was the banks that destroyed the economy, and the banks and corporations that are the biggest welfare recipients in the country.

There might not be an easy answer to the sequester, so far as the machinery of Washington is concerned, but I hope it’s not simply a smoke screen to cut entitlements while at the same time fooling the American people into believing their interests are being served.  Judging by the dismal approval rating for the Congress, I would hope a decent portion of citizens will recognize the ruse for what it is.

Source: huffingtonpost.com 


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