“What Skeptics Really Believe” (and why Mike Adams is a depraved conveyor of disinformation )

Mike Adams
Mike Adams looks like a nice guy, right? Well, it turns out behind that smile is a self serving disingenuous spoon feeder of disinformation. What’s skepticism? It’s simple, it’s a methodology of thought: ‘Do not accept claims without evidence or reason.’ Remember that as you wade through the torrent of bullshit headed your way, courtesy of Mike.

According to the blurb at the end of Mike Adams’ article at naturalnews.com:

“Mike Adams is a consumer health advocate and award-winning journalist with a strong interest in personal health, the environment and the power of nature to help us all heal.”

He has written over 1800 articles on subjects ranging from astrology to homeopathy. After spending some time on the Natural News website reading his articles I have to say, that you can stack cow manure 10 stories high but it’s still just a pile of bullshit. Today I want to tackle one of Mike Adams more recent articles titled ‘What ‘skeptics’ really believe about vaccines, medicine, consciousness and the universe’.  It’s only in the spirit of intellectual honesty and trusting to the intelligence of the readership that I chose to subject you to the link to the actual article at the top of this one.

Mike begins his argument with a summary of what skeptics are:

“Briefly stated, “skeptics” are in favor of vaccines, mammograms, pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy. They are opponents of nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, chiropractic care, massage therapy, energy medicine, homeopathy, prayer and therapeutic touch.”

Well okay, that’s fairly reasonable. I am in favour of vaccines and whatnot. I wouldn’t exactly say I am a staunch opponent of nutritional supplements nor am I on a crusade against getting a good massage. Certainly I am aware of the complete lack of credibility and efficiency of homeopathy  and intercessory prayer.  Let’s move on.

 The List Of What Skeptics Really Believe

Mike has created a rather large list here by “researching” and visting various “skeptic websites” but he never tells us which ones or how he conducted his ‘research’. In the interests of not writing a 5000 word article, I am only going to tackle a few of his more maladjusted points:

• Skeptics believe that ALL vaccines are safe and effective (even if they’ve never been tested), that ALL people should be vaccinated, even against their will, and that there is NO LIMIT to the number of vaccines a person can be safely given. So injecting all children with, for example, 900 vaccines all at the same time is believed to be perfectly safe and “good for your health.”

• Skeptics believe that the human body has no ability to defend itself against invading microorganism and that the only things that can save people from viral infections are vaccines.

We’ve had a few articles touch on vaccination on Jacmus recently, so all you regular readers should know roughly our stance on the subject now. For those of you who don’t I will say that we don’t believe untested vaccines are safe. No one in their right mind believes that. Who the hell does Mike think that sentence is going to fool? I do, however believe that all people should be vaccinated. There’s a pretty self explanatory reason for that.   As for injecting multiple vaccines, I believe the science is reasonably sound there as well.

The second dot point is particularly perplexing.  Has Mike never heard of anti-bodies? Leukocytes? What the hell do you think Leukemia is Mike, evil spirits? I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to a rational adult… hell, even a batshit crazy adult that didn’t know that white blood cells are what helps keep infections at bay.

• Skeptics believe that there is no such thing as human consciousness. They do not believe in the mind; only in the physical brain. In fact, skeptics believe that they themselves are mindless automatons who have no free will, no soul and no consciousness whatsoever.


I could write the following at basically any point in this article and it would be pertinent, but skeptics do not all believe the same things.  Many skeptics are entirely at odds with one another.  Skeptics is a label for people who value a skeptical methodology of thinking.  That methodology has no doctrine, it does not mean you have to accept any ideas because you’re a skeptic, or that you must reject any ideas because you are a skeptic.  It’s a way of avoiding accepting claims without reason or evidence.  Often times whether or not the evidence for a subject is sufficient enough to meet these requirements is in debate, especially among skeptics.

There are neuroscientists working on the questions concerning the nature of consciousness and on free will.  The jury is still out on many questions.  And that’s a good thing.  A skeptic will naturally remain unconvinced of a claim until there is sufficient evidence to put their support behind that claim.  Your gross inference of how closed minded skeptics are, as if they’re a borg like group, is naive, a conscious lie – unless you are that stupid – and self servingly convenient for all of your arguments.

• Skeptics believe that water has no role in human health other than basic hydration. Water is inert, they say, and the water your toilet is identical to water from a natural spring (assuming the chemical composition is the same, anyway).

In answer to the sentence in parenthesis there, well, D’uh. A water molecule is a water molecule is a water molecule is a water molecule. It’s not suddenly an arsenic molecule.

• Skeptics believe that the moon has no influence over life on Earth. Farming in sync with moon cycles is just superstition, they say. (So why are the cycles of life for insects, animals and humans tied to the moon, then?)

We do? That’s news to me, since I am a fisherman by nature and the tides play a huge role in marine life. Without the tides  we might not have even evolved at all.

• Skeptics believe that aspartame and artificial chemical sweeteners can be consumed in unlimited quantities with no ill effects.

This is an interesting one to me because up until recently, I did actually believe that asapartame was a carcinogen and had links to Alzheimers disease . I used to chastise my partner for drinking Diet Coke. This all stemmed back from my Grandma telling me about it when I was quite young and so I’d always taken it as given. Until recently.  My point here is to show that my healthy skepticism showed me the truth here, that Aspartme and other artificial sweetners pose no danger to your health. You can find a brief summary of the current science here, including references to the correct peer reviewed papers.

 • Skeptics believe that human beings were born deficient in synthetic chemicals and that the role of pharmaceutical companies is to “restore” those deficiencies in humans by convincing them to swallow patented pills.

I don’t even know what to say to this. I’ve never heard this argument before. I think Mike has been visiting the wrong sort of skeptical websites. I think those websites are more commonly known as The Weekly World News and Co.

Mike conveniently ends his list with a paragraph absolving him of all research responsibility.

“All the beliefs listed above were compiled from “skeptics” websites. (I’m not going to list those websites here because they don’t deserve the search engine rankings, but you can find them yourself through Google, if you wish.)”

Within that quote is a gross expression of intellectual dishonesty.  I gave Mike Adams the courtesy of linking to his article as to make my own more transparent.  I want you to be able to see for yourself that I’m not making this up out of whole cloth.  I trust you, the reader, to be able to investigate via the links I’ve provided, and by judging whatever Mike is being genuine, insightful and helpful, or a hindrance to the embodiment of intelligence and reasonable discussion.

Skeptics Aren’t Consistently Skeptical…?

So basically any person with a skeptical mind (not Mike’s apparently insane definition of the word) can see from the dot points above what a quack Mike Adams is. Not only does he wallow in his supposed ‘research’ like a pig in shit, he actively lies to his readers by pushing points that he knows are bullshit.

In this section Mike lists a few more dot points on things that we should be skeptical about but aren’t. This is where my bullshit meter went DING!  Some of them are rehashes of the points above, so let me single out a few more that slip in.

• Skeptics aren’t skeptical about the corruption and dishonesty in the pharmaceutical industry. They believe whatever the drug companies say, without asking a single intelligent question.

• Skeptics aren’t skeptical about the profit motive of the pharmaceutical industry. They believe that drug companies are motivated by goodwill, not by profits.

• Skeptics aren’t skeptical about the mass-drugging agenda of the psychiatric industry which wants to diagnose everyone with some sort of “mental” disorder. The skeptics just go right along with it without asking a single commonsense question about whether the human brain really needs to be “treated” with a barrage of mind-altering chemicals.

Those that know me well enough to have spoken with me on the topic of pharmaceuticals know that I am a big advocate of modern medicine. Is that the same as not asking a single intelligent question about pharmaceutical companies? No. I have been a vocal opponent of the over prescription of antidepressants and antibiotics as well as questioning the motives behind the patenting of certain drugs. There is nothing wrong with questioning those motives.  Assuming, however, that the entire pharmaceutical industry is rotten and in on the deal is just not facing reality.

• Skeptics aren’t skeptical about the enormous dangers of ionizing radiation from mammograms and CT scans. They have somehow convinced themselves that “early detection saves live” when, in reality, “early radiation causes cancer.”

Tristan raised a good point in response to this. In Mike Adams’ homeopathy article he espouses the views that, “Electrons are a vibration, not a physical thing.” so that leaves us all scratching our heads on how Mike thinks ionizing radiation actually works?  Care to enlighten us Mike?

Up until now Mike has had a microscopic veneer of credibility. I only grant him that here because his next point utterly decimates any reasonable conclusion he might have been trying to come to:

• Skeptics aren’t skeptical about the demolition-style collapse of the World Trade Center 7 building on September 11, 2001 — a building that was never hit by airplanes. This beautifully-orchestrated collapse of a hardened structure could only have been accomplished with precision explosives.  Astonishingly, “skeptics” have little understanding of the laws of physics. Concrete-and-steel buildings don’t magically collapse in a perfect vertical demolition just because of a fire on one floor… { The below video provided by Mike Adams in his article }

[embedplusvideo height=”365″ width=”450″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/MwSc7NPn8Ok?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=MwSc7NPn8Ok&width=450&height=365&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep4803″ /]

Now Mike shows his true colours. Fuck you man. The sheer arrogance of slipping this little nugget of shit into an article already piled high with bovine excreta is mind blowing. This innocent little dot point says more about the character of Mike Adams than the entire archive of his Natural News articles.

Out With The Rest Of The Garbage…

The remainder of Mike Adams’ article talks about why skeptics are all idiots and states a number of times, “This is what skeptics actually believe. They will tell you this themselves!” with an air of desperation. I could stomach this if there were some links to actual websites with actual quotes from people but Mike provides us nothing with which to judge his claims. We’re expected to take these claims at face value (as we apparently do with everything else) and respect his journalistic credentials in the matter. The conclusion to the article is particularly odious:

“Skeptics… zombies… drones… different words for the same thing. Soulless, mindless, lacking consciousness and free will, having no awareness of the value of life… these are the skeptics arguing for vaccines, mammograms and chemotherapy today. They are agents of death who can only find solace in an industry of death — the industry of modern medicine.”

I feel like he wants to put ‘sheeple‘ in there, but realized it would bring down the quality (ahem) of his writing.

In Conclusion, Fuck You, Mike Adams

Mike is the type of person I had in mind when I wrote my previous article Let’s Get Immunized Against Bullshit.  Mike Adams’ particular brand of bullshit is especially dangerous, as he’s a published author and regular columnist on Natural News which, by all accounts, is a very popular website. Mike’s brand of bullshit is killing children, promoting diseases and spreading the most insidious forms of misinformation. He is perpetuating the continued opposition to all scientific endeavor. His is the highest form of schadenfreude and his follow up to the response on his article shows all too well the joy he derives from spreading the bullshit around nice and thick.

So here’s my personal message to you Mike, sent gift wrapped in love by Lilly Allen.

 [embedplusvideo height=”365″ width=”450″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/OK4fJhbRL1g?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=OK4fJhbRL1g&width=450&height=365&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep2253″ /]


9 thoughts on ““What Skeptics Really Believe” (and why Mike Adams is a depraved conveyor of disinformation )”

  1. I think you are both as bad as each other. Why does everyone attack, attack, attack. Why does everyone is this world go on like their is only ever 2 options to a problem.

    I could write a super long response to your article but i really cannot be bothered. Mike Adams is a human being and i think he like most people is so overwhelmed by the disinformation been spoon fed from both sides of the equation.

    He more than likely tired of listening to you clowns attack him for doing nothing but trying to help people who could not help themselves if their lives depended on it.

    Your comment about him killing people with his disinformation is so misguided and really shows your lack understanding on the subject. In your books Bill Gates is probably a hero yet his polio vaccine program paralyzed 47,500 children in 2011 alone and those injured by the vaccine died at twice the rate of those infected by “wild” polio.

    I might just also add that the whole community immunity or “herd immunity” theory is just that, a THEORY. But you will more then likely argue it like fact because your doctor does and lets face it doctors just know everything these days.

    You know it’s funny, in this day and age of such medical advancement and SUPER smart health professionals that know everything, cancer is more than likely going to kill you – HA!

    • “I might just also add that the whole community immunity or “herd immunity” theory is just that, a THEORY. But you will more then likely argue it like fact because your doctor does and lets face it doctors just know everything these days.”

      Just like the theory of gravity is just that. A THEORY. And all of those physicists just like to make things up to sound smart. Right?

      Do you know what a fallacy of equivocation is? It’s where you take a word (ie, “theory”) that is part of whatever you’re arguing against and use an alternate definition (ie, “a guess”) rather than the intended definition (ie, “a body of rigorously studied, documented and tested data, facts and predictive models”). You totally did just that.

  2. Good takedown. Adams is a douche. I would add one small thing: in the aspartame thing, Adams says skeptics think artificial sweeteners can be safely consumed in unlimited quantities. Um, I don’t know anybody, from the Mr Spockiest skeptic to the most naive crystal-worshipping moon unit, that believes that ANY food is healthy in unlimited quantities. What he’s saying isn’t just a misread of skepticism, or even spirit-of-argument hyperbole. It’s just stupid and meaningless. Fuck Mike Adams.

    • “… at least in the case of increasing fluoxetine treatment for anorexia nervosa.” You will find there are many scientifically supported reasons for using some supplements and particular foods with high density nutrition. It could be broccoli. It doesn’t HAVE to grow some secret place in the Amazon. Anyway, a lot of processed food doesn’t have all the nutrients you need. If you’re eating whole foods, and a balanced diet, nutritional supplements may well not be necessary, unless you’re an athlete, and then those extra grams of protein from the powder become a personal science experiment, and one with some obvious benefits. Sure you could cook a ton of chicken tenderloins too, grind them up and drink it down, and eat broccoli – to offset the estrogen – but that’s disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself if you do this. I digress. Zinc, magnesium.. there are many, many people out there who eat just fine, who are still deficient in those. This topic, I’m afraid, you must delve deeper into, for there’s a science of nutrition, and supplements can fall into this spectrum quite neatly. They can also be bullshit, that’s why it’s good to be a skeptic about which ones, not the entire subject :P.

      • This is why I eat as little in the way of processed food as I can. My wife cooks well, so we make use of fresh meat and vegetables quite a lot. 😛 There is no substitute for a well balanced diet.

  3. “Mike Adams is a consumer health advocate and award-winning journalist with a strong interest in personal health, the environment and the power of nature to help us all heal.” — You know the tragedy of this is that you can be all of these things without being a liar, and he is, because there’s no way he can make these broad sweeping claims with a brush dipped in horseshit about skeptics and what they believe without either being incredibly stupid, or consciously delivering disinformation. There’s room enough in this world to be honest about the herbs, ‘super foods’ and alternative methods of healing that have merit, and be honest about those that don’t – and about what further evidence is needed for those that are in doubt – and at the same time have respect for the place modern medicine has in our society. THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT I can make right now, offhand, is that Mike Adams could only get away with writing with such a lack of integrity in a world – at least the part he lives in – rid of smallpox, polio ( Thank you Jonas Salk, you’re actually a hero ) measles and mumps all having tried and true vaccines. Would he like to go back to the days of smallpox and polio? Man, I could almost get stressed out thinking about the lack of this guy’s integrity.. Luckily for me I know a B vitamin complex can help with that.. though in Mike’s world, a skeptic doesn’t believe in nutritional supplements… You know I could use fish oil too.. ah you know what, I can’t waste anymore keystrokes on this guy for now. Time for a movie. Peace.

    • We live in Australia, dude. When you need some vitamin B, just eat some Vegemite. I don’t really do the nutritional supplements thing and, most people, I feel don’t do them right. That isn’t to say that I believe that taking them has no benefit, but if you think that taking vitamin supplements whenever is fine then you’re sorely mistaken. Eat something first, then take them immediately. That way, your metabolism is functioning and you don’t just turn them into expensive urine.

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