Video Selections from YouTube for the week ending 12 May 2013

Video selections this week are a mix of atheism, environmental news and wonders of our solar system. This selection includes a couple of YouTube channels that aren’t as well known as many of those we regularly feature.

Video Channels

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We Fucking Love Atheism

Not to be confused with We Fucking Love Science on Facebook.  We Fucking Love Atheism is an extension of the popular Facebook Pages – We Fucking Love Atheism & We Love Atheism. The channel represents a strong group of Atheists dedicated to bringing you the best atheism related videos. This week, we chose a video that includes a mix of stand up comedians where no religion is immune to their rolling wit.


User AtheistMeme has collection of videos covering a broad topic including many featuring Richard Dawkins.  This week, we’ve chosen a video segment from the Bill Maher Show where Richard Dawkins makes a guest appearance.

Channel 4 News

Video’s from Channel4News on YouTube contain a selection of local (British) and news from around the world. A subsidiary of Channel 4 in the UK, Channel 4 is a publicly-owned, commercially-funded public service broadcaster. We selected Channel4 this week to feature a news story that developed in Australia. It is a beautiful feature for the world to watch.


In Belzer‘s own words, this YouTube Channel provides “an archive of the best of Debates/Denialism/Science/Anti-Science.

As part of our educational offering this week, we’ve chosen two video’s from his channel. The first a twelve minute video that examines the Bible and the Qur’an. It compares each on the topics of Crime and Punishment.


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