SciShow hosted by Hank Green

One of my favorite educational, science channels is SciShow, hosted by Hank Green. It is quirky and educational.  It provides great family value. 

SciShow Channel

SciShow covers a range of science related topics including science news, documentaries, history and concepts. Many of the videos are between 3 and 5 minutes long, but the you’ll also find a few longer treats of 15 minutes or more. There is even a SciShow Talk Show format where host, Hank Green chats with guests about animals, innovating technology and sinkholes.


SciShow videos brim with enthusiasm about specific science subjects. It has a handful of other crafty, short video segments including:

  • Breaking News – weekly wrap up of important science breakthroughs
  • Great Minds – discusses the contributions certain important scientists have made
  • Weird Places – visits some of the world’s weirdest places
  • Fundamental Forces of Physics – aeries on the four fundamental interactions in physics.
  • IDTIMWYTIM – short for “I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means” is a series focused on clearing up misconceptions


Hank Green SciShow Host Photo
Hank Green, SciShow host speaking at VidCon 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Photo Attribution: Gage Skidmore.

Hank Green the host for SciShow maintains a fast pace, vibrant and informative show.  Hank is described by Wired as a singer/songwriter, entertainer and entrepreneur. He  is also well known for the YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers which he co-hosts with his brother.


SciShow started in January 2012 as an original channel with three episodes a week. It’s now up to four. Over the last couple of years, SciShow was lucky enough to get started with a grant, but that’s about to run out.  SciShow is now actively seeking funding and regular subscribers to continue producing its regular short, nail biting, geeky educational videos.


SciShow is not without its critics. Myles Power who also shares a love of science and possible man-crush on Hank Green, is very detailed in his negative feedback on an episode about Genetically Modified Food. The episode which was released in early 2013 is now removed from public viewing with a new video coming out soon.

Skepticism and Enthusiasm

While it is possible that Hank Green and the SciShow crew may occasionally get carried away with their videos and message, they don’t go ‘off the deep end’ too often.  SciShow is a popular YouTube channel with over 1.3 million subscribers.

If you like science and references to Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who then you’ll possibly join the 100K Scishow fans on Facebook or subscribe to SciShow’s YouTube channel.

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