Science debates creationism – an event not to miss

Bill Nye describes himself as a ‘reasonable man’ with reference to his up and coming debate against Ken Ham,  one of the founders of the creationist ministries. Defending his decision to debate an extreme religious stance which frequently denies any weakness in its argument, Bill Nye in a recent interview with Huffington Post Live, believes the evolution versus creationism debate is needed to educate people more, so they can make informed choices.

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Science debates creationism is a non-event

According to some non-believers such as Dan Arel at, the debate will only provide creationism with credibility. In his article posted in January, Dan Arel states that by accepting the debate “you are accepting there is something worth debating”.  He goes on to explain that to debate creationism versus evolution is not worth the time and effort.  Evolution is backed by mountains of evidence, scientific peer-reviewed papers and a consensus of the scientific community, while creationism is based solely on faith.

Adding to the debate about the rationale behind the debate is Catholic Online. It believes that many catholic viewers may find the debate confusing, as viewers are being asked to either agree with an atheistic view of our origins versus a creationist or a more protestant view, and in the eyes of the Catholic church neither are right.

Creationism highly criticised worldwide

Ken Ham originally from Australia, is one of the founders of the creationist movement and an online website: Ham and fellow christian creationist apologists have received world wide criticism, for their beliefs which contradict scientific facts agreed upon by rational thinkers for decades.

Bill Nye is very outspoken and passionate with his criticism towards creationism. In particular, Nye is extremely vocal against creationism being taught in the education curriculum in American schools.

science versus creationism debate

The debate will take place at the Creationist Museum in Kentucky on Tuesday 4 February (USA).  While the audience is expected to be highly supportive of Ham, there is unlikely to be any clear winner though our thoughts and hope are that Nye and science will prevail.

You can watch the live broadcast of the debate directly on Youtube.

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