Science and music marry on A Capella Science

Tim Blais is the voice and nerd behind this weeks YouTube video channel pick. Tim began his personal project  “A Capella Science“, while studying his master’s in theoretical physics at McGill University in Montreal.

Tim’s YouTube channel now has over thirty-eight thousand subscribers. With just four uploaded videos, that’s pretty awesome. It isn’t just the music that makes the channel great, the video compilations are pretty wicked too.

Screen shot from A Capella Science's Bohemian Gravity showing puppet Einstein
Screen shot from A Capella Science’s Bohemian Gravity showing puppet Einstein

The self confessed nerd’s popularity skyrocketed last year when he decided to fuse Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ with string theory. ‘Bohemian Gravity’ went viral and Tim attracted a lot of nerdy attention to his musical project with mentions on NBC News and Mashable. This one video has over two million views and includes commendations from both renown science and music industry figures including astrophysicist Brian May, the guitarist from legendary rock group Queen.

‘Bohemian Gravity’ was not Tim’s first science and music compound. His ‘A Capella Science’ project began with ‘Rolling in the Higgs’ which also became notorious through many science blogs and media sites including Scientific America.

In an interview with The McGill Daily, Tim explains the idea for his project ‘A Capella Science’ was ignited while his was composing arrangements for an a capella group, the Acapocalypse . At the same time, an interest in online video emerged. Seeing as he was good at the first, interested in the second and wanting to stand out from the a capella crowd, he combined it with his excitement for science which the Internet is generally crazy about. The mix took off and Tim was soon gathering groupies from all over the world, including a Russian fan group. 

Tim’s lyrics not only teach you about physics, the video compilations are an entertaining masterpiece that make science appear fun, and may even motivate you to complete science homework.

A Capella Science draws inspiration from Weird Al, Bill Nye, Mike Tompkins and Vi Hart.  Tim’s describes A Capella Science as nerdy science-parody creations.  The songs are 100% originally recorded and using ‘unaltered sounds from his mouth, throat and vocal cords’.

Screen shot from Massless
Screen shot of Tim from Massless on A Capella Science, where you can see the muso scientist at work.

Tim’s latest offering on his YouTube parody channel ‘A Capella Science’ is entitled Massless (Muse parody). In this music meets science parody, you get to see a little more of Tim, his musical working space and how he puts his acapella music together.

Since finishing his thesis on ‘A new quantization condition for parity-violating three dimensional-gravity‘, and obtaining his master’s degree, Tim has chosen to pursue his passion for music and has joined forces with Tom a childhood friend to create the musical and fun life duo, Cabin 9 who released their first single about five months ago.

You can find Tim’s ‘A Capella Science’ project music available for download on iTunes. You can also keep up with A Capella Science on Twitter and on Facebook.

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