Trayvon Martin murdered, in the heart of the Juror B29

Trayvon Martin’s shooter George Zimmerman was found “Not Guilty” in Florida early this month by a jury of 6 women. Yesterday the trial’s second juror spoke out on the jury’s decision. Juror known previously as B29 accepted an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America. Unlike B37 who was the first to tell her tale last week, B29 allowed the ABC to show her face and was called by the name, “Maddy”. Out of the six jurors in the Zimmerman trial in Florida State, Maddy was the only one to disagree with the verdict of ‘Not Guilty” until the very end.

Travyon Martin the 17 year old killed by George Martin seen on protest banner
Demonstrators protest against the decision to find George Zimmerman not guilty of killing 17 year old teenager, Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012. Protesters blame the legal system in Florida for letting Trayvon Martin down.

‘Maddy’ told the ABC that Zimmerman “got away with murder”.

Juror fought to the end to hang jury

In her exclusive interview with ABC’s Robyn Robyn, the juror stated

  • first voted second degree murder
  • nine hours of deliberation was difficult
  • a lot of the jurors wanted to find something bad to connect to the law
  • for herself he was guilty of killing Trayvon Murder
  • they could find no proof that it was intentional
  • she fought to the end
  • hard to sleep and eat
  • feels she has been forcibly included in his death
  • feels Trayvon Martin’s Mother’s pain

She stands by the jury’s decision because of the law.  In her heart, she finds him guilty. As the law was read to them, the Jury was advised they needed direct proof that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. If the Jury could not find this proof than they had to find him not guilty.

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Trayvon Martin was clearly shot by Zimmerman

Despite Zimmerman clearly admitting he shot Trayvon Martin the Jury couldn’t find evidence to support it was a deliberate act.

‘Maddy’s’ account of the trial raises even more questions.

  • Why did the Prosecution not call George Zimmerman to the stand?
  • Should the case have gone to trial based on the evidence provided?
  • Could the case have been made stronger if evidence had been submitted differently by the prosecution?
  • If a case is pursued Federally in Civil courts, will the outcome be the same?

Based on the evidence and the law provided in Florida, the Jury were unable to find the George Zimmerman guilty.

The important thing to take away from ‘Maddy’s’ interview is that a “ Not Guilty” verdict is never a vote of confidence for “Innocence”.

The interview is available on the ABC website.


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