pope's farewellThe pope’s 85 years old and retired.  That makes sense, I’d retire too at that age, but it has been six hundred years since the last time that’s happened.  By my estimation that means the last pope retired after he was 600 years old, or popes usually do their thing until they die.  What’s different about this pope?  Well, I don’t care to explore his life story too in depth, interesting and controversial as it might be, but we can touch on a few points.

Sure He Was A Nazi And Complicit In Covering Up Child Molestation, But He Was The Best The Catholic Church Could Do

I can’t blame him for being in the Hitler youth, they were victims of brainwashing in a terrible time and place in the world.  He did end up fighting for Germany later, but left before the war was over, for whatever that’s worth.  More interesting still is that the pope had a stint as being responsible for seeing to the situation involving the mass molestation of children.  After an abysmal failure at the task, and complicit in protecting and relocating child molesters, he was elected pope by his peers.  He probably would not have been my personal pick, but then again, I’d have a hard time propping up another human and claiming he was now god’s second hand man.

Jumping A Sinking Ship?

If I had to venture a random guess, I’d say the pope realizes the ship is sinking, and that every year less and less people consider themselves staunch Catholics, what with the continuing storm of child abuse cases lifting from the mist week by week.  But let’s not get caught up in the whys and wherefores of this breaking news.  Putting aside the atrocities of the Church being complicit in allowing countless perpetrators of sexual abuse of children to evade civil law, there’s one issue I’d like to highlight in particular.  Birth control.

Indescribable Suffering Results From Anti-Birth Control Policies Perpetuated Throughout The Third World

This pope’s position on birth control and the usage of condoms is that it could actually increase the chances of one becoming infected with HIV.  There are millions of Catholics in the poorest countries on Earth, including in Africa.  I won’t even begin to describe the sheer suffering of a family where one or more of the parents has HIV, or AIDS, and so does their newborn child.  Water, food and medicine are all scarce, and each day is filled with menial tasks required for survival, which might include spending several hours to obtain a couple clean buckets of water from one of the local wells.  I stuck to my word, that does not begin to describe the suffering and hardships endured by these people.

It’s true, the Catholic Church does spend resources, money and man power, trying to ease the suffering of many people.  But I don’t think a mathematician would be required for us to reach the conclusion that the lack of birth control in these third world countries has lead to millions of infant mortalities, and untold human suffering in general over recent decades.

Do You Remember The Time Jesus Talked About Birth Control?  Neither Do I.

There’s nowhere in the bible that claims birth control is against god’s will.  The only scripture I can imagine that points in this direction is that we should be fruitful and multiply.  OK, but why then is the pope and so many others involved in the Church not only exempt, but not allowed then to marry and have a family.  Ah, yes, now I recall, a glimpse at history gives the answer.  It has something to do with the fact the Church did not want to take chances that any of the lands and wealth they acquired might be passed down to the descendants of those in their hierarchy.  This hypocrisy is grotesque in the consideration of the aftermath of  such policies, not even founded on scripture, but propagandized in the context of an eternal hell if they are not followed.  For the record, if they were founded in scripture, I would remain as unimpressed as I am when Tom Cruise teaches us how to live by the rule of Scientology.

Airdropping Crates Of Condoms And Educational Pamphlets On Sex Education Is The Way To Go

It’s hard for me to believe that the issue of birth control still exists in the US, and in other countries where insanity and a complete divorcement from the real world is taking place.  This is another conversation that should have ended a long time ago.  We should be air dropping condoms into third world nations.  They should be dispensed by the handful to those too poor to afford them.  That would be far more cost effective than trying to address the problem of unwanted births, let alone the challenges of trying to bring aid to third world countries riddled with sexually transmitted diseases and children who starve to death, held in the loving arms of their grief stricken mothers and fathers.

Another Conversation That Should be Over, But Persists In Politics And Religion To Distracts Us And Divides Us

I could go on, because this issue pisses me off.  People should be allowed birth control – and more to the point, they should be informed properly about it, and supplied it in parts of the world where it could otherwise not be afforded.  This issue, like that of gay rights, is another distraction to keep us from paying attention to perpetual wars that benefit the military industrial complex, and the steady erosion of rights in the US.

What’s This Nonesense About Limbo?  Well No Need To Worry About It Anymore, The Pope Called It Off

I have one more rant, though I will try and keep it concise.  The pope came out and said there’s no more limbo now.  That’s good, because for centuries parents have suffered in the belief that their children, if they died before they could become baptized, would spend eternity in purgatory.  Not a pleasant notion.  Now I’m glad the pope ended that, but how can any right thinking person accept that the pope has the ability to decide this, and at the same time believe their god is infallible?  How can a mere man, voted into station by his imperfect peers, be able to overturn what was before an accepted reality by believers.  Did the pope’s decree mean limbo never existed, or that it no longer exists?

If Jesus Came Back Today, What Do You Think He’d Reckon About The Catholic Church?

The Catholic church should sell all of its assets and donate it all to charity, and those that wish to serve in its ranks should live as poppers, caring only for the needs of others.  They should all aspire to live as Jesus was proclaimed to have lived.  Instead we have a corporation masquerading as a realistic faith, exempt from taxes, and able to hide its sexual deviants from the same  justice we would demand of any pedophile caught in the secular world.

A Highly Recommended Debate.  It Has Christopher Hitchens In it, So By Definition It’s Worth Watching

The below video features the late Christopher Hitchens and Stephen fry debating  Ann Widdecombe and Archbishop Onaiyekan on the matter of whether or not the Catholic church is a force for good or ill int his world.  I highly recommend watching the whole debate.  It’s informative and at times impassioned and insightful.

 [embedplusvideo height=”281″ width=”450″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/xBXy323hoWA?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=xBXy323hoWA&width=450&height=281&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep6474″ /]


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