The Paranormal: Ghosts And The Concept Of A Continuity Of Experience After Death

Speculations On the AfterlifeIf we cannot see something, does that mean that it does not exist?  If you were to examine a graph of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as as the one in the article ‘A Stab at the dark at Tinnitis‘, you can get a sense of how little of our world we’re actually consciously perceiving.

If Science Could Explore Past The Boundaries of Death, Perhaps What is Considered Paranormal Now Will Become A Branch Of Science In The Future

I believe that there is other life in the Universe beyond what we have currently observed, and firmly believe in ghosts. A belief in the paranormal may seem childish at first consideration to some, but the definition infers there’s still the possibility of further scientific inquiry.  The term infers an event either singular or repeating is currently outside the realm of scientific explanation. There may come a day where we have instruments that allow us to observe these phenomena and thus close the gap between a mere belief in ghosts, and a scientific definition of what a ghost is.

I’ll be tackling the paranormal today, and, while by definition there is no definitive evidence, I will have to rely on you to keep an open mind and enjoy the ride.

Despite Countless Accounts Of Subjective Experiences, Scientific Explanations Are As Yet Beyond Reach

We know very little about death, unless we have personally experienced it, and it’s a bit difficult to describe the event after the fact for obvious reasons. There are numerous accounts of NDEs – near death experiences – and while they can be immensely interesting and insightful, they are purely subjective and do not constitute scientific evidence. There is also no physical evidence of anything beyond the three dimensions of space we perceive.

Tools To Broaden The Scope Of Human Sense Perception

There are ways, however to see beyond our natural sense capabilities, such as microscopes, infrared goggles, and MRI machines just to name a few.  Theoretical physics, such as string theory, also explore the possibility that there is more out there, possibly 11 dimensions in total, just beyond our perception.

Believers in monotheistic faiths in particular believe in an invisible kingdom above the Earth and an eternally burning pit at its depths.  Instead of relying on bronze age scripture, it’s possible to stray from those interpretations.  Perhaps their timing and placement off, what if heaven and hell are literally all around us, and inescapable to our perceived reality.

A Journey Of Consciousness Beyond The Physical Death

Perhaps like sleep, death is just another state of consciousness, one where we are freed from the confines of our mortal coil, and become aware of what many consider to be paradise, or hellish, or riding somewhere along that scale. I’m almost certain that, if death were an altered state of perception, our experience of being would be quite changed from the one you’re indulging in now.

Imagine if you will that you are within your final moments in a hospital, this has been an expected event, and that you are as prepared as you can be for your passing.  The doctors sedate you to ease the physical pain that may come with death, and then it happens.

You fall asleep and begin to dream about your life, revisiting your most significant moments, both those positive and negative, your body knows that this is your brain’s final countdown, and slowly switches begin flipping, your liver and other organs slowly begin to shut down. Your brain, even though winding down, activates a series of final chemical reactions.  It’s worth nothing that N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT as some know it, is secreted in a massive dose in those final moments before brain death.  Curiously this same substance has a rich history of being used to an incredibly powerful psychedelic state that some would term an out of body, or near death experience.

Continuing on our journey, you see a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel, which you seem to be floating toward, though you appear to be going upward, this disoriented, disembodied sensation also seems to limit your internal compass. Intermixed with this tunnel, seem to be the faces of people from your past, family and friends who are now dead.

You are embraced by those who have passed on and after your initial joyous reaction at the reunion you begin to look around, and you see that you are in a large, grassy clearing.  This is no earthly landscape, at least not recognizably. For one thing, the trees are pristine, white hulks with heart-shaped silver leaves.

The grass is the most vibrant green you have ever seen. It is then that you begin to actually feel the grass beneath your feet, the soft, lush blades bending against your soft skin. You slowly take in this landscape, the sky is a clear blue, what few clouds you can see are almost perfect cotton puffs.

Eventually you notice a path meandering away from the clearing, and dotting this path are fig trees, rife with juicy fruit which seems to urge you to bite into it. Here and there along the path you see brilliant flowers in the brightest yellows and the deepest violets you could ever see without the shade actually changing.

You may imagine at this point, too that you have been buried and for all intents and purposes have been ‘dead’ for some stretch, though time no longer seems to apply. During your exploration you begin to feel a strange sensation that begins to radiate from the very center of your consciousness.

As the feeling intensifies, a voice begins to echo in your ears, maybe it’s the voice of your mother, or wife, or maybe your sister. A picture begins to form before you, a faded gauzy window woven into the fabric of space and time opens before your very eyes. You can see the individual who is speaking, and possibly a faint aura around them.

For emotional attachments’ sake, let’s say that the individual is the deceased’s mother. You can see your mother before you, though not clearly, but as you focus on the picture in your mind, that gauzy window begins to clear, and maybe you can even hear their words. You find that if you concentrate, you can actually step through that window.

Perhaps you can even manipulate things in the environment. Things that you held a certain emotional attachment to may seem to resonate magnetically, and may serve as anchors to this world after death. The concept of a haunted item or house is nothing new to us as a society, with movies like The Grudge, The Ring, and more recently The Possession focusing on the phenomenon. [Yes I know I used popular movies, but I figured the majority of people have seen them, and would be more familiar with the concept in terms of entertainment.]

Maybe the influence you can exert over the environment is dependent upon how strongly you felt connected to it during life, or perhaps, there is something to the ‘unfinished business’ theory behind ghosts. Maybe it is determined by the ability to realize that you are dead, and that this ‘paradise’ you now inhabit is just another dimension, and that it exists parallel to Earth as we experience it.

Anger, being one of the stronger emotions on the spectrum, might enable an individual to actually move objects, on occasion violently. But what of those who seem to be lost and confused? If the ability to manifest hinges on the realization of death, why are there wandering specters?

What then, if one were to die with no emotional attachments, or they are able to relinquish those attachments once crossing into the next plane of existence? This brings forth another idea, that maybe death isn’t as permanent as it seems, as in my brushes with the paranormal, there seems to be a constant sense of movement, a current if you will that the energy seems to follow. As we know, energy in motion tends to stay in motion, so the question now becomes; if death, like life is a transient state of being, can there truly be anything ‘after’ life?

It might be that these spirits know they are deceased, but maybe they had no really strong ties to their family or other elements in their life. If they were unable to cross over due to attachment to the physical realm, are they then tethered forever after? Maybe they are able to revisit places sentimental to them in their lives, or the last place they clearly remember being. And for those who pass from this life in a state of peace, that is to say non-attachment to this world, what then becomes of their experience?

Are There Among Us Some Who Can Genuinely See and Experience That Which We Consider Paranormal?

To stay with the theme of popular entertainment the Ghost Whisperer embodies these concepts clearly. In the show there is a medium, also the name of a popular show delving into this topic, and if there is any truth to my beliefs, it may follow there are those who genuinely experience these gifts of extra dimensional perception, though for every honest player in this industry, be wary of the dozen con artists.

Thank you for following me on my hypothetical trip to the other side, and I hope maybe I have opened a mind or two, or at least provoked some thought.

Eben Alexander’s Wild Ride – An Account Of A Neuroscientist’s Near Death Experience

If you’re interested in the topic, the below video features a neuroscientist Eben Alexander discussing his own near death experience.  It’s an excerpt from an episode of ‘Through the Wormhole’, so you’ll get to hear Morgan Freeman’s voice.  That should be reason enough right there.

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Please use the comments below to share any of your own experiences, or reasons for being skeptical that we may ever learn the answers to these questions.

1 thought on “The Paranormal: Ghosts And The Concept Of A Continuity Of Experience After Death”

  1. Wow Roger!
    I was totally consumed by your descriptive imagination of the afterlife. I would imagine that things would be pretty close to your description.

    I especially agree with your thoughts on energy. Energy is something that truly never dies it is merely changed over time. So why would the energy of our souls or being be any different. That energy has to go somewhere. Many believe that we are simply asleep until we will be risen again with our maker. While others tend to lean toward the “wandering” spirits stage.

    As for myself, I think for those of us that may die before our time, or that have a horrible death such as being killed or murdered, we may continue on our journey in a sort of “limbo” until we find closure and acceptance of our passing.

    You’ve definitely given me a few things to ponder on the subject, again thanks so much for taking the time and care to post legitimate views on the subject.

    -Best Regards,
    Robert Tuttle

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