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The Kalam Cosmological Fallacy

Prominent heavy-hitter for Christian apologetics, William Lane Craig, is well known amongst the skeptic atheist community for the inanity of his arguments. Regardless of how many times his particular arguments are disputed and refuted, he trots them out time and time again as if we had all forgotten. Many have taken a crack at dismantling … Continue reading The Kalam Cosmological Fallacy

Debating William Lane Craig

I understand when a theist claims that the supposed miracles of Jesus and his resurrection are a matter of faith.  This is at least intellectually honest, insofar as they’re not claiming it’s something that is based on credible evidence and something a historian or critical thinker should accept as fact based on eye witness testimony.  I don’t … Continue reading Debating William Lane Craig

Tackling David Hume’s Is–ought Problem

David Hume’s Is-ought problem is often brought forth by William Lane Craig, and other theists when debating atheists. Sam Harris introduced morality back into the spectrum of conversation concerning science and morality.  For centuries philosophers and scientists gave this ground to theists, standing by the premise that science can teach us how to obtain what … Continue reading Tackling David Hume’s Is–ought Problem