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Sangeang Api volcano erupts

Indonesia – The Sangeang Api Volcano (Gunung Api or Gunung Sangeang) has erupted in the Sunda Islands in Indonesia. It lies off the  NE coast of Sumbawa Island. A major explosive eruption occurred at 08:30 UTC 30/5/2014 (6.30pm AEST). An ash column estimated to be between 50 thousand and 65 thousand feet and rising was created from … Continue reading Sangeang Api volcano erupts

Zimmerman’s Personal Hell

Zimmerman became a free man today. The not guilty verdict brought great disappointment to many including myself.  Its been an experience I have felt twice in the last twenty-four hours. The first is with the not guilty verdict in the death of Trayvon Martin.  I’ve been avoiding writing about it. I didn’t want to make too … Continue reading Zimmerman’s Personal Hell

Planck – Our Observable Universe Gets Older

If you tuned into the NASA organised teleconference this morning you may have heard some exciting news and answers to questions in relation to the satellite Planck.  I was quite excited to be tuning in at 1am Australian time. I was also relieved to hear that it would be a one hour teleconference although due … Continue reading Planck – Our Observable Universe Gets Older

Environment Committee Voted on by China

At the conclusion of the new government handover in China, smog once again descended upon the capital of China, Beijing, formerly known as Peking.  Severe pollution has been a growing environment concern in China. It is not uncommon to find Chinese citizens wearing face masks as they travel to and from work. The face masks are … Continue reading Environment Committee Voted on by China

Jacmus Weekly Recap: 26th Feb – March 7th, 2013

I hope everyone has had a good week.  Statistically speaking my hopes are in vain.  Many of you reading this probably didn’t have a good week, or at least if you did, it was interrupted by a Monday. Then again whether your week was good or bad is a matter of perception.  None of you … Continue reading Jacmus Weekly Recap: 26th Feb – March 7th, 2013