Steve King Proves, Unconvincingly, That America Is A Christian Nation

Steve King represents Iowa’s 4th congressional district and has been serving in the congress since 2003.  It is not only his belief that America is a Christian nation, but he also believes he can prove it with an asinine anecdote.

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Steve King
Steve King offers up possibly the most absurd ‘proof’ that America is a Christian country.

Basic Morality 101

The art of recognition of one’s misdeeds, reporting them and apologizing, and receiving forgiveness, is not strictly a Christian theme, no matter how much some Christians would like to think so.  It’s basic morality, manifested in any number of religions and civilizations in general throughout human history.

If someone killed your dog accidentally, you would prefer them to tell you, apologize, and if you could find it in your heart not to strangle them, you would offer them forgiveness.  In turn you hope that should you have the misfortune of running over your neighbor’s dog, you would find within yourself the strength to tell your neighbor, apologize whole heartedly, and hope to receive forgiveness and not a punch in the nose.

If humans couldn’t, on a large scale – there’s always exceptions – operate in this capacity, we wouldn’t have made it this far as a species. We don’t need to use the accidental killing of a dog as an example.  Friendships, indeed relationships of all kinds, suffer obstacles of analogous proportions to Steve King’s example all the time.

Sometimes the act of explaining oneself and apologizing results in forgiveness, and sometimes not.  Do Christians always repent, or forgive?  Of course not.  Do Atheists always?  No.  Muslims, Jews, Hindus?  No, some do, and some don’t; and those that do, do so sometimes, and those that don’t, might in the future.  This is the dance of humanity. This is called human nature.

If It Wasn’t For Such Stiff Competition, Steve King Might Be the Dumbest Guy In Congress

Steve King also offers us some insight into his understanding of proof.  There was nothing resembling proof in his story involving the dog.  It wasn’t even evidence.  It was an insult to anyone who is not Christian, an insinuation that this decent behavior arises out of Christianity, and not out of human nature.

To be fair, I’m not blaming Christianity for Steve King’s idiocy.  I’m not even going to call it symptomatic of Christianity.  I’m just saying Steve King’s a dick, and he’s in our congress.  It’s just another reminder that more often than not, it’s not the best minds, or the most compassionate hearts that rise to the ranks of elected offices, but rather people who are stupid, and ill equip when it comes to utilizing logic in an argument.  And hell, take it as another example as to why religion in general should stay out of political discourse.

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