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Blood moon cometh – are you prepared?

Are you prepared for the blood moon this April 14th – 15th?  This is the first of four total lunar eclipses, to grace the skies of Earth in the next two years. All four will be fully visible from the United States. What is a Blood Moon? A blood moon is simply a total lunar … Continue reading Blood moon cometh – are you prepared?

Comet ISON

Let’s face it, for us naked-eye stargazers that don’t have the luxury of fancy, expensive telescopes Comet ISON was a fizzer. It was like having the promise of a creaming soda spider, but with melted ice cream and hot, flat soda. And, that’s sort of what happened with comet ISON. Fire versus ice In November, we … Continue reading Comet ISON

Natural Stupidity 2: Astrology Bad, Astronomy Good

I know that it might seem that Nick and I have been giving Mike Adams of Natural News semi-fame a bit of a lashing recently, and we have in all honesty. The guy makes his name by attacking legitimate science and inquiry whilst peddling snake-oil, disregard and hokum all under the guise of “holism”. The … Continue reading Natural Stupidity 2: Astrology Bad, Astronomy Good

The Alien Fleet Near Our Sun

If anyone has noticed, I’m finding a lot of my article material by roaming about YouTube.  I tend to do it quite a bit.  Yesterday I came across an alien enthusiast  video by one DarkSkyWatcher74 titled “Nibiru Mothership – Large UFO Fleet Gathering Near Sun???”  I kept the triple-question-mark in there because the lack of … Continue reading The Alien Fleet Near Our Sun

The Kalam Cosmological Fallacy

Prominent heavy-hitter for Christian apologetics, William Lane Craig, is well known amongst the skeptic atheist community for the inanity of his arguments. Regardless of how many times his particular arguments are disputed and refuted, he trots them out time and time again as if we had all forgotten. Many have taken a crack at dismantling … Continue reading The Kalam Cosmological Fallacy