Soledad O’Brien, not the right direction for CNN?

Soledad O’Brien was one of the few journalists that took her job seriously at CNN.  That is to say she went there to ask questions, to get to the bottom of stories, and to hold people accountable, politician and lobbyist alike.  From the impending news article: “Quoting an unnamed source, The New York Post reported earlier this week that O’Brien “doesn’t seem to fit the direction the network is going.”

If you’ve been paying close attention to CNN you’ll notice they’re the definition of an establishment compliant news agency.  Take Wolf Blitzer, one of their ‘stars’ and watch the guy.  If you’re not familiar with him, you can treat the you tube clips of his performances as comedy.  We all know Fox News is a propaganda machine for the ring wing republican party, but not everyone is quite as aware of how insidious networks like CNN, CSPAN, and MSNBC can be to  varying degrees.

CNN prides itself by being unbiased, and so it will call things down the middle.  Incessantly.  But all things are not always equal.  If the Republicans stated X, and the Democrats Y, that doesn’t mean that they, since one party claims one thing, and the other claims another, so it’s probably somewhere in the middle, the center, the common ground, where the decisions should resonate from.  But if I Mars is the fifth planet from the Sun, and you say it’s Neptune, CNN would call it even – both parties are wrong, but one is less wrong, for of course Mars is but the fourth rock from the sun.  Be damned with journalism.

This isn’t being non biased, it’s not doing your job as a journalist.  You’re suppose to investigate the stories and give us facts and figures.  To investigate. But not only do they not investigate, they’re not suppose to ask the tough questions.  So Soledad is out, and most likely Erin Burnett, ready to play ball as ever with the corporate establishment, will most likely step in.  Just wasn’t the right direction.

News Source: TheBlaze.Com

A glimpse of Soledad at work – keeping in mind these people aren’t used to being asked any follow up questions to the soft balls they’re expecting:

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For entertainment’s sake, here’s a look at Wolf Blitzer at work, basking in the glory of technology, given his robotic nature: 

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And why not, here’s Jon Stewart talking to Larry King about CNN back in 2010.  I bet he’ll back me up. 

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