Fox News Weighs In On Solar Power

In the year 2004 I went paint balling with some friends.  The terrain was expansive and treacherous, and my over zealous brother in arms, charging valiantly down a hill while evading enemy paint fire, tripped and broke his ankle.  It took a while for the ambulance to arrive, and while he put on a brave face, I have no doubt the pain was severe.  I went to visit this friend a couple weeks later to keep him company while he was out of commission for a good stint.  We watched the movie Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism, and I was forever changed.

Just How Full Of Crap Can Fox News Be?

I always suspected the news was full of crap, but I never pondered the depth of it, not until that moment.  Not that I can recall.  The movie gave a spectacularly coherent and concise breakdown of how Fox News as a propaganda machine for the right ring conservatives, but not all, just those with power and money, namely corporations.  They have think tanks devoted to discovering new ways to better employ double speak.  The Patriot Act, Targeted Killings in relation to Drone Strikes, that would be better named nonjudicial assassinations.  We don’t go to a country to occupy it and exploit it, we go there to bring democracy and freedom.  It’s not just the oil though, it’s the defense contracts, the ones who profit in the billions from perpetual war.

Fox News: Uninformative, Fear Inducing And Misleading

This is what Fox News is about, and with Roger Ails at the helm, serving Rupert Murdoch who watches from above, they carry their mission with no thought to informing their viewers of the truth, let alone a ‘Fair and Balanced’ view of world circumstances.  Their goal is to parrot enough misinformation, whether it be about tax reform, matters abroad, an oil spill, or climate change to muddy the issue, and you can count on CNN to back them up by calling it down the middle every time, no matter how extreme the Right’s position become.

For many who are reading this now I am preaching to the choir.  But for any who are unaware of just how insidious Fox News is, the below clip and my subsequent graph should at raise a few hairs on the back of your neck.  This isn’t an isolated incidence, it’s just an excellent example to highlight.  This is how they do it at Fox News, a fact free zone, where the brain trusts and think tanks devise ways of brainwashing viewers, through visuals, linguistics, and clever misdirection.  They’re fantastic at, but once you know what you’re dealing with it’s so transparent it becomes comedic.  But the cost of this comedy is tragic, for a misinformed electorate does not make for a true Democracy.

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What Is A Loyal Fox News Viewer To Believe?

What do I take away from this video if I’m a staunch Fox News viewer?  I suppose that Germany’s only leading the world in solar energy, benefiting economically and in innovation as well as working in support of the environment as a whole, because they get more sun there.  If the US had that kind of sun, then we could do it in the US, but oh well, that’s the breaks I guess.

The below graph will give you a sense of just how much more sunlight Germany gets than the USA.  Ok, enough with the charade, it doesn’t get more sunlight, not even close.  The blue and purplish hues represent relatively dim sunlight, the reddish and yellow hues a high degree of sunlight, and of  course the range of greens are in the middle .

Germy vs US in Terms of Sunlight
The Image is from a The Young Turks clip. Click to watch.

You Would Be Hard Pressed To Lie Less Convincingly Than That

I’m not even certain the woman meant to lie on Fox News.  I would not be surprised if she came completely unprepared, knowing only that her singular mission was to demonstrate that solar power is not a viable enterprise in the United States.  When confronted with the a soft ball question about the reason, it seems she just said whatever came to mind with no regard for truth or accuracy.  I find it hard to imagine this was a back pocket, carefully orchestrated argument, not when it can be so demonstrably false.  Then again, it’s never bothered them in the past, and their formula has been profitable and influential thus far.

Solar Power Could The US economy and the World, And It’s A Damn Shame We’re Not Headed In That Direction

Solar power is at least in part a viable alternative for our energy requirements.  We’ve been lead to believe it’s not cost efficient.  It could become so if enough resources, money and scientists, were focused on the task.  It would lead to more innovation, educational and job opportunities for the present and the future.  Our country has a lot of sunlight, but it does not shine so bright on Washington these days.  If the politicians were genuinely serving the interests of their constituents, if the media was honest, we’d be giving it a shot.  There’s not one good honest reason why we should not strive to be the global leaders in alternative energy sources.  But the reason we don’t is clear.

It Always Comes Back To Money And Power

So long as there is money in politics, the same moneyed interests that get wealthy off of war, oil and other fossil fuels, will also fund the campaigns of those that would do their bidding and push legislation through our corrupt government that helps no one but themselves.  Fox News isn’t the core of the problem, but it’s one of the most grotesque blights to be spawned by it.  A constitutional convention may be necessary, but for now I would caution to get your news from independent media outlets and to not only square away with your common sense, but to do so in the light of the kind of world you would like to grow old in, and for your children to grow up in.

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