Senators Jim Inhofe And Tom Coburn Have No Empathy Or Shame

Senators Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn voted NO when it came time to vote on a relief package for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Now that a tornado has ravaged their own distracts they’re immediately asking for federal relief.  As they should, because the people of Oklahoma deserve that relief; but they should be asking from their knees, with bowed heads and declarations of their utter lack of empathy and humanity when it comes to the suffering of others that does not directly impact them.

Oklahoma Tornado and Jim Inholfe
Devastating tornado strikes Oklahoma, May 20th 2013.

Senator Inhofe Scoffs When He Should Beg For Forgiveness

Instead Senator Jim Inhofe, when questioned about his gross hypocrisy, had this to say:

Speaking on MSNBC, the lawmaker said that in the case of Hurricane Sandy, “everybody was getting in and exploiting the tragedy that took place.” However, he said, “that won’t happen in Oklahoma.”

President Barack Obama on Tuesday said he has already signed a federal disaster declaration for parts of Oklahoma, where tornadoes have caused dozens of fatalities and flattened entire communities.

Inhofe said the Sandy Relief bill “was supposed to be in New Jersey,” but “they were getting things … in the Virgin Islands, fixing roads there, and putting roofs on houses in Washington, D.C.” Both Inhofe and Coburn voted to slash aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy, with Inhofe saying he considered the full proposed aid amount to be a “slush fund.”  [ ]

It should be transparently obvious that any Senator voting no against federal relief for victims of a natural disaster in another state is going to instantly turn into a hypocrite if tragedy strikes in their own.  To do otherwise is political suicide.  These Senators not only lack empathy, they lack foresight and intelligence.  Oklahoma receives the third most federal aid for natural disasters in the US.  Here’s a list from FEMA of such disasters in Oklahoma if you’d like to peruse for yourself.

Conservatives and libertarians that rant about the federal government stealing their tax dollars are just as prone to reaching out to the federal government following a natural disaster as anyone else.  Whether they’re willing to offer that aid to their fellow States in similar circumstances does not negate the fact they should receive assistance, as we wouldn’t want to punish the victims because their Senators have no decency.  As everyone has seen, and if not some footage is supplied below, the wake of this tornado utterly decimated neighborhoods, leaving around 200 injured, at least 24 dead, and who knows how many homeless.

This tornado was 2 miles across at its widest moments with winds around 200 MPH.  This was a monster.  My heart goes out to these victims, but we should also take a moment to recognize and hold accountable the politicians who would vote no when it comes to other States besides their own.  It’s disgraceful, and they don’t deserve their to hold their offices.

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