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Sangeang Api volcano erupts

Indonesia – The Sangeang Api Volcano (Gunung Api or Gunung Sangeang) has erupted in the Sunda Islands in Indonesia. It lies off the  NE coast of Sumbawa Island. A major explosive eruption occurred at 08:30 UTC 30/5/2014 (6.30pm AEST). An ash column estimated to be between 50 thousand and 65 thousand feet and rising was created from … Continue reading Sangeang Api volcano erupts

Antarctica sheet ice is rapidly melting

If you tuned in to international news at the turn of this year, you may have heard of the research ship, MV Akademik Shokalskiy being stranded in thick pack ice off the coast of Antarctica. Climate change deniers tried to use this event to incorrectly demonstrate why climate change was a farce. While some people can not seem to grasp the difference … Continue reading Antarctica sheet ice is rapidly melting