Sarah Palin, Crazy, I know, Still Has A Political Platform

I thought the GOP realized that Sarah Palin was poison for their brand.  She’s become a national joke.  Last I checked, and its been a while, her approval rating was around 29%.

Here’s a grueling 29 minutes and 31 second video of Sarah Palin delivering a speech at the 2013 CPAC.  There’s also the ‘pleasure’ of an introduction from Ted Cruz, which you can bypass by skipping to three minutes and 19 seconds into the clip.

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My wife, Tina, had to endure me interrupting the clip a few dozen times to so that I could point our her idiocy and hypocrisy, just so I could maintain some semblance of sanity.  I endured the speech because I do my best to keep appraised of politics, and I am willing to make great sacrifices, as evidenced by this article, in order to fully understand the often baffling dynamics at play.  Why would they put this woman up on stage again?

Here’s what substance Tina was able to garner from the video, “Jesus wants you to buy guns from Christmas. That’s all I took away except if you get up in public to speak and you have nothing else to offer, make sure you unzip your top so that the zip is focused on your breasts.”

To which I replied, “I didn’t even notice her breasts, the fog of stupidity was too thick for me to see anything but disdain.”

I realize this is not the most professionally written political article of all time, but it would do her too much justice not to take at least a slightly caustic tone in reporting on the event.  After all if you’re game enough to watch her speech, you’ll probably want to vent your frustrations with the fact she still has a platform on which to stand, and I hope to help with that process.

If you watch the video and find that you’re on board with her, then it’s almost certainly the case you probably aren’t a big fan of my perspectives on the world in general, so there’s no use walking on egg shells here about how I feel about her.

As Balanced As I Can Bring Myself To Be After Watching Sarah Palin Talk

Now, I like to think I’m a fair guy, at least I do my best not to be too biased.  If someone I abhor says something that’s true, I’ll acknowledge it.  Here’s a quotes of hers I agree with:

“Barack Obama promised the most transparent administration ever. Barack Obama, you lied.”  This is fair enough, Barack Obama has not been transparent on a number of issues, but in particular, perhaps what bothers me the most, is the drone program.

The overwhelming amount of criticisms Sarah Palin offered against Obama and liberals were a projection of the GOPs ethical inadequacies, and were delivered more in the spirit of a poorly executed roast than a meaningful speech.  She further solidified the idea that the GOP do not have any new ideas – she doesn’t think they need them – she believes their simple message of freedom and liberty is powerful enough to win the day.

Freedom and liberty are wonderful, but be it democrat or republican, when I hear these words spoken, I feel nothing but the passing of a foul smelling breeze passing by.  You can’t just stand up on stage and parrot these words without ideas on how to restore freedoms and liberty.

There was not a mention of the NDAA act, nor of the continuing of the Patriot act, or the fact Obama has perpetuated the Bush tax cuts.  Oh wait, that she loves – instead she uses the same old tired rhetoric about how Obama wants to punish the ‘job creators’ with burdensome regulations and tax hikes. In my eyes, what Obama is guilty of is catering to the conservatives, being a poor negotiator, or at worst, simply having his interests aligned with theirs, and we’re talking about a good cop bad cop scenario being played out in Washington.

If you would rather read the transcript, you can do so here.  But if you do read it, you may not understand the level of annoyance I’ve displayed with the fiasco of propping her up on stage, as if her voice could possibly add an iota of positive momentum towards change in the country.  To fully appreciate it, you’ll have to watch the embedded you tube clip.

One last thought.  There are elements to her speech that are true; anything that touches on the corruption in Washington for instance, but her own party, as seemingly impotent as the democrats appear to be, has been far more of an obstacle to progress than Obama’s administration.  And if you read my articles, you know I’m more than just a little bit critical of our President.

The senate might be controlled by the democrats, but the republicans filibuster them at every pass.  The congress is controlled by the republicans, and they are an obstinate and disgraceful lot, evidenced by perhaps the lowest approval rating any congress has received in American history.  And the last word on the subject; if you’ve been paying attention, clearly Obama’s not only been willing to compromise with the GOP, but in many cases all too eager to do so, aggravating and disappointing progressives to no end.

To give my rant more context, have a read of the transcript, and better yet, if you can bring yourself to, have a watch of the embedded video above.  Maybe then you’ll see where I’m coming from, if it’s not already inherently obvious to you.  If you disagree, and found yourself applauding her shrill platitudes, please leave a comment as I’m curious to read your thoughts.






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