Hell! Did you miss our fiery ride?

Hell! We never thought that the first post for the newly revamped Jacmus.com, would be about having to rebuild this site, plus another six websites that form part of the Jacmus Group.  Unfortunately, about half of these sites were hacked in early November 2012, leaving suspicious links to other websites (not part of the Jacmus Group) containing malware.

Hell! I came here looking for articles before November 2012

If you have arrived here seeking to read one of the older articles published at this domain prior to November 2012, you will be able to enjoy most of these articles which have been reviewed,and in some cases rewritten for a wider audience over at Hubpages. The topics at this hub include Human Resources, Business Systems, Process and Practices, Fictional  World Building and original Australian poetry.

Feeling the heat?
Feeling the heat?

The recent hacking has broadened our awareness of the importance of securing Word Press, as well as removing old code from previous incarnations especially .htaccess files which hackers may be able to easily edit. Hell, hacking on the Internet is quite a serious occupation! In the case of the hellish hacking we experienced, following the links on effected pages may have resulted in malware being downloaded to the surfers computer.

A Renaissance in Hell?

Thankfully many of our Jacmus Group Projects were on the precipice of a renaissance. So, we are actually grateful for the push (even though it has felt more like a getting stuck on barbed wire for the last week while we worked out our fight back plan) and rejuvenation to extend more time and effort into completing stage one of all seven projects currently under-way with the Jacmus Group. The security of all the domains within the Jacmus Group is a priority both for the safety of our readers and supporters, as well as for the protection of our sanity and saving us from the eternal heat of Hell.

We would also like to thank Google Webmaster Tools for helping to identify the issues and effected files, as well as for providing a guide to addressing the issues on each of the domains which were infected. While our initial reaction of clicking a link to one of our sites resulted in an alarming message from Google advising us that the site contained Malware came as a shock, this service not only helps to protect Google users, but also helps to reduce the number of websites like our own that are infected with viruses by hackers, that may normally go undetected for a greater length of time.  This free service by Google should result in reducing the damage caused by hackers whose intent is steal your personal information including passwords and banking information.

For us, this has resulted in a complete deletion and rebuild of all seven websites. If you are a Webmaster or Web Administrator, we highly recommend using the Google Webmaster Tools as they are very helpful in identifying the infected pages and probable cause. Once you have removed the infection, you’ll be able to submit your sites to Google for a review, who will run a further check for the infection and if you’ve managed to clean up, the warning will be removed within a few hours of your site being reviewed.

So here’s to the next three to four weeks of manually rebuilding content from SQL back-ups. Hopefully we’ll be able to recreate most sites without too much of the fictional physical pain experienced in places like Hell, such as the strain of eye sight long into the wee hours of each morning. Coffee is good for times like this (not Minties).

Looking at this hell of a challenge, it has inspired us to create cleaner and better designs!  It was a close call to visiting hell, but we’re climbing out faster then we drove in, and once all sites within the Jacmus Group are reinstated to a satisfactory level, we’ll start sharing with you some interesting perspectives of the world we live in, that you may not have considered before you visited Jacmus.com.

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