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The belief that the universe and living organisms originate from a divine being, as in the biblical account, rather than by natural process inherent in nature.

The Aftermath of the Great Flood: Travel By Volcanic Eruption

The great flood and Noah’s ark is a tale believed by millions.  Many creationists even believe the dinosaurs lived on the ship.  What’s quite interesting is that there are christian apologists who have given serious thought to resolving the logical problems that arise when considering the implications of such a worldwide catastrophic event as the … Continue reading The Aftermath of the Great Flood: Travel By Volcanic Eruption

The Hovind Theory As Presented By Shawn

So, there I was roaming about YouTube to watch videos, when I finally bit the bullet and watched one of the awful pieces authored, directed and played by an alarmingly ridiculous man named Shawn Karon. People might more readily recognise him as VenomFangX. Let’s be honest, he’s been done to death. Dprjones, Thunderf00t and even … Continue reading The Hovind Theory As Presented By Shawn

The Curious Case of Kurt Wise

Kurt Patrick Wise was born in 1959 in the USA and graduated from Harvard University in 1989 with a PhD in geology.  He was by all accounts a brilliant geologist with great promise in his field.  There was one obstacle though that he never could surmount to lend his intellect to the genuine and noble pursuit … Continue reading The Curious Case of Kurt Wise

The Kalam Cosmological Fallacy

Prominent heavy-hitter for Christian apologetics, William Lane Craig, is well known amongst the skeptic atheist community for the inanity of his arguments. Regardless of how many times his particular arguments are disputed and refuted, he trots them out time and time again as if we had all forgotten. Many have taken a crack at dismantling … Continue reading The Kalam Cosmological Fallacy

No Excuse for Bigotry.

So, there I was on Facebook doing absolutely nothing in particular when I saw a post from a friend of mine. His name is Travis Rogers and, knowing him outside of the Internet  I know him to be a magnificent human being. He’s kind and works hard to help the community around him—especially those in the … Continue reading No Excuse for Bigotry.