Blood moon cometh – are you prepared?

Are you prepared for the blood moon this April 14th – 15th?  This is the first of four total lunar eclipses, to grace the skies of Earth in the next two years. All four will be fully visible from the United States. What is a Blood Moon? A blood moon is simply a total lunar … Continue reading Blood moon cometh – are you prepared?

Immigration in Australia: Where is the compassion?

In the news over the last 24 hours is a new immigration story that Scott Morrison, Australia’s Immigration Minister is refusing to discuss.  At the heart of this story is the issue of compassion and rational thinking. Yet, as we are all coming to expect from the Australian government’s handling of immigration matters, neither compassion … Continue reading Immigration in Australia: Where is the compassion?

Voter ID Laws for Queensland, Australia

If you live in the sunny State of Queensland in Australia, you may not have heard yet, that ‘can-do’ Campbell wants to bring in voter ID laws. There are a whole lot of reasons, against the implementation of voter ID laws and you may have heard some of these while the debate raged in the United States over the last twelve months.

Reasons against Voter ID Laws

1. Many people don’t have valid identification including

    • the elderly
    • aborigines
    • people who don’t drive
    • people who can’t afford it (licenses and birth certificates aren’t cheap)
    • the disabled
    • those who move about frequently
    • those who might lose their ID

2. It is discriminatory as it stops people from voting, and stopping people from voting is undemocratic.

Voting should be easy. If you’re against Voter ID Laws, now is your time to let Premier Campbell Newman know.

Sign the Petition with GetUp!

Comet ISON

Let’s face it, for us naked-eye stargazers that don’t have the luxury of fancy, expensive telescopes Comet ISON was a fizzer. It was like having the promise of a creaming soda spider, but with melted ice cream and hot, flat soda. And, that’s sort of what happened with comet ISON. Fire versus ice In November, we … Continue reading Comet ISON

The Aftermath of the Great Flood: Travel By Volcanic Eruption

The great flood and Noah’s ark is a tale believed by millions.  Many creationists even believe the dinosaurs lived on the ship.  What’s quite interesting is that there are christian apologists who have given serious thought to resolving the logical problems that arise when considering the implications of such a worldwide catastrophic event as the … Continue reading The Aftermath of the Great Flood: Travel By Volcanic Eruption

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