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PageLines- cube2.pngNews Spectrum is a new addition to the site. We’ll be providing a flow of current news, flavored with our perspective, trying to place individual stories in a larger context to make them more meaningful. In other words, a lot of what’s in the news is presented to you in such a fashion that the media outlets must be sure you’re an imbecile.  So it’s fun to call them on it when they’re grossly hypocritical and consciously misinforming the public.  I will always provide sources to the articles, but I’ll be reporting on the stories from my own angle as well.

I’m not ‘Fair and Balanced’, I have an openly progressive view of the world, and just because the republicans call it one way and the democrats another, doesn’t mean the truth is best assumed down the middle.  I’m thinking of you, CNN.

You’re always encouraged to go to the source article, or watch a related video I supply, but my bias is inevitably going to play out in the choosing of those sources and the videos I show.  I might show some videos from the right, a Hannity for instance, but that would be for entertainment’s sake.  Or perhaps a video from a neutral source, to show how there’s a lack of credibility in other major news networks, not just fox news.

What I am though – lacking the claim to fair and balanced – is honest in how I see the world and how I think it could be changed for the better, and I have no ulterior motives and I’m part of no grand conspiracies.  I leave it to you to judge my intent and how well my perception of events transpiring in the world matches up with reality, or of course your own conceptualized reality.  I combine a healthy mix of science, reasoning, logic, a knowledge of my own intuitive shortcomings and an open mind to unanswered questions.  When I see a story that matters, I will often look at the macro picture, using the example, or news article of a single event, as a reason to address the issue.  I’m sure that’s quite bias.

What I recommend to anyone who wants to really know what’s happening in the world is to always research things for themselves.  Challenge an idea if you don’t think it has merit, but try and circumnavigate the end of the discussion by having an open minded and trying to be intellectually honest about your beliefs. You may find your position strengthened or deflated depending upon the outcome.

In the endeavor of searching out truth, remember too that ability – and the ability of anyone presenting you the information – is going to be limited at some point when it comes to connecting the dots.  Our minds are pattern seeking, if we have a belief, we’ll see the news and construe it in whatever way reaffirms our beliefs.  I go into this, and what my thinking is on conspiracies here.

We used the ‘the pale blue dot’ in the slogan as a tribute to Carl Sagan.  I think those familiar with his work will agree he is perhaps the archetypal teacher, a genuine wonder of the world, an altruistic intent, and incredible skill in his ability to explain the most complex topics with humility and clarity.  I hope I can contribute to the information you have available to you each day so that it’s worth stopping by in the morning, or the evening, as your schedule may allow, to catch up on some interesting news on a wide range of topics.


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