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YouTube is one of our favorite places to play. It has a vast collection of educational and entertaining videos that are free to watch.  Read about the channels, our reviews and video recommendations.

Video Picks

YouTube Video Picks
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Multimedia topics

Multimedia topics include

  • science
  • atheism and religion
  • culture
  • environment
  • morality
  • governments
  • news
  • politics
  • society

Further topics can be viewed on our Jacmus – Who, What and Where page or by looking through our available categories available in the left side bar.

You’ll find we’ve put together a mixed medley of video picks for your entertainment and thoughtful meditation. Some videos featured may be an hour long or more. Others will breeze by with shorter clips or excerpts of longer videos.  These videos are provided for educational purposes, to broaden minds and to encourage discussion.  You can watch each of these through the Jacmus’ website or directly on YouTube.

Nominate a YouTube video

If you would like to nominate a video from YouTube that you believe is appropriate for our audience and topics, please LIKE our Facebook page and leave a link to the video in your comment.

Do you have a YouTube channel?

If you have a YouTube channel that you feel fits our showcase of YouTube video picks, let us know! Video’s that add value to Jacmus can be self made and must be available for inclusion on websites.

Jacmus on YouTube

Jacmus is launching its own YouTube video channel.  These will be on various subjects by our writers.  Jacmus’ videos will also be showcased on this page beneath our Picks of the Week.  

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