Keith Ellison vs Sean Hannity

Ellison vs HannityKeith Ellison, House representative from Minnesota’s 5th distract, went on Sean Hannity’s program this week and spoke his mind.  On the face of it, Keith interrupted Hannity on several occasions and had no interest in any questions Hannity had to pose.  It looked unprofessional, unbecoming of a man of Keith Ellison’s station.  Keith even dared to go so far as to state that Sean Hannity was the worst journalist in America.  I enjoyed it.

Of course I’m biased, I don’t like Sean Hannity.  There are many to disdain in the right wing propaganda business, but most of them have some angle.  Rush Limbaugh plays the bigoted, incredibly out of touch, conservative talk host.  Bill O’Reilly will on rare occasion have a nuance of his own that borders perhaps just beyond the edge of the establishment’s will.  He’s also obnoxious, lies, and can be stupid, but there’s some tiny bit of substance to him.  It’s not much.  Glenn back is a conspiracy theorist with too little intelligence to actually piece any of the puzzle in the right order, and comes across as insane to anyone not enraptured by his rantings.  Then there’s Sean Hannity, as establishment and republican as it gets, never wavering from the Fox News memo of the day, true to the cause, no matter how much of a dick it makes him look.

Me, Sean Hannity A Republican!?  I’m Merely A Registered Conservative

During the course of the debate Sean Hannity made it clear he’s not a republican, he does not have that bias, he’s merely a registered conservative.  Given Fox News is a transparent propaganda wing of the the republican party, and Sean Hannity being a golden boy of their interests, it’s hard to take it seriously when Sean smirks at the idea that he’s a republican.  I would have liked to have seen Keith be a bit more patient, field one of Hannity’s questions, and answer it well, but he didn’t.  Instead he lowered himself to what Hannity does as a trade mark, which is berate and belittle any liberals or progressives he has on his show.  Hannity lost at his own game, and while Keith could have represented himself better, within the context of getting a shot to make a few points on the Hannity show, I think he did alright.

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