Kansas Wouldn’t Really Do That… Would They?

There’s a bill in Kansas that would require teachers to misinform students on climate change.  Misinform?  Required to misinform, by teachers?  It sounds preposterous  surely made up.  I know it’s Kansas, but still, surely no legislation would have be enacted to misinform students about a problem upon us even today, and convincingly through the scientific consensus that is will lead to a  catastrophe.  Maybe you’re thinking catastrophe is silly talk, just meant to scare people, and has no basis in a sound argument about climate change.  The sea temperatures haven risen, they will keep rising, and storms will get worse.

When you live through a bad storm, and it leaves your material possessions destroyed in its wake, or worse, loved ones, then for you and your community it’s a catastrophe.  I’m not overselling it with the word, I’m under selling it.  Strings of catastrophes all over the globe will continue, the ice caps will melt, and the runaway green house gas effect will occur on a time scale that many of us will see bear witness too for much of our lives.  That’s what will happen if we continue to ignore this problem.  Germany’s having tremendous success with solar power, and their economy is deriving great benefit from it too.

These technologies are not beyond our grasp, and will drive innovation, education and the economy in the US if we adopt them as true core principles in what values – values formed from scientific consensus, wisdom and foresight, or values formed to fall in line with corporate backers – drive the decision making, moneyed interests, or the well being of the nation, the economy, and the world.

We need to address climate change on several fronts; reducing carbon emissions, investing in sustainable clean sources of energy, and finding current ways of making it economical to actually cleanse the environment.  There is a  science branch focusing in that direction, but without the interest or the funding by big moneyed interests or their governments, then these possibilities are lost to us.  It seems criminal, the idea of requiring that students be misinformed through legislation.  In the context of climate change, it seems criminally insane.

Source: Read more at Thinkprogress.Org

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