Jon Stewart: A Comedian, And A Credible News Source?

Jon Stewart
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In 1999 when Jon Stewart first started hosting the Comedy Channel’s The Daily Show few would have imagined he would over time be known as one of the most credible and informative news outlets in America.  This isn’t just pot heads, unemployed, and extreme leftists, as those on Fox News and the Right would assert.  Many polls are conducted to decipher the most trusted and least trusted news organizations out there, and it always never fails that Fox News is the least trusted, while Jon Stewart is among the top.

Fox News:  Polls Show You Might End Up Less Informed Than Those Who Don’t Watch Or Read Any News

It’s a testament to how corrupt our media have become that a comedy based news show informs the public better than the networks.  Fox News is easy to dismiss as a Right wing propaganda machine, one that hands out morning memos so all the shows can stick to the same talking points meant to misinform you, distract you, and buy into whatever other bullshit they have up their sleeve.  Many people accept this as what to expect from Fox News, and it is losing ratings.  Not fast enough, but it’s losing them.

CNN:  Zero Journalistic Integrity And Corporate Shills, And They’re Boring

CNN is little better.  If Wolf Blitzer did a piece on climate change – not a topic tackled regularly by the mainstream media – he would robotically deliver the conclusion that the issue was split down the middle, still up for grabs, exciting to see how it’s all going to turn out.  Tune in next week.  There could be 98% scientists in the room explaining man induced climate change was a imminent threat, while 2% – conspicuously arriving in nicer vehicles and wearing expensive suits – muddying the issue with poor science and further questions that have already been answered.

They are of course paid shills, working for oil companies or any other financial interest vested in keeping the status quo.  Wolf Blitzer’s automated functionality also extends into the realm of politics, where if the Democrats say one thing, and the Republicans say another, it invariably must be down the middle.  But won’t worry, he’ll keep up that investigative journalist spirit we’ve seen so prevalent over recent years, and one day he’ll come down on one side of an issue one way or another.  I know, the media isn’t suppose to be biased, but they’re not suppose to be idiots either.  If there’s two sides to a story, they don’t always negate one another.  Sometimes there’s facts to prove one side is more accurate and that should be pointed out.  That simple act of journalism is so often neglected that it leaves the people misinformed and unable to come to any educated understanding of the world they live in.

Jon Stewart: In Retrospect, I Don’t Think Crossfire Would Have Had Him On

But this article isn’t about my frustration with the transparent failing of our mainstream media, not entirely.  It’s about Jon Stewart.  Let’s take a look at what happened on October 15, 2004, when he went on the talk show Cross Fire.  He had his own agenda, and it was brilliant, and lead to Tucker Carlson’s dismissal from the network.

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Laughter:  The Best Medicine, And A Potential Powerful Conveyor Of Truth

That’s always fun to watch. I hope you enjoyed it to.  Comedy does to a great degree liberate one to be honest about how they view the world, even if it’s twisted in a satirical sense.  This does give Jon Stewart in advantage because laughter breaks down doors.  If you can get someone to laugh at themselves, or their own miss preconceptions, then you’re doing them a great service.  Sometimes when your guard is down and you’re not taking yourself so seriously, truths come to light that you would have otherwise remained blind to.

Galloping To The Service Of The 9/11 First Responders

The below is Rachel Maddow showing footage and giving commentary on Jon Stewart’s 9/11 first responders show, tackling the urgency the matter had to be addressed, and the great callous failings of Washington to have neglected it to that point.  It is not an over the top claim  a great deal of credit to Jon Stewart for forcing the government to take note of and eventually pass this bill, and so easily could have it have slipped through if not for the righteous outraged sparked by Jon Stewart, that other media outlets, their hand forced, had to echo.

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The Daily Show:  It’s Good For You

Jon Stewart is one of the voices for good in the US.  Of course he has his biases as would anyone else, and so matter the truth that he seeks to deliver in the form of comedy, it will be his version of the truth, how he sees the world.  But he is open to evidence and will often give credit when it is due, and put the spotlight of shame on those he otherwise supports.  In summary, I like Jon Stewart and the Daily Show, and I think we’d be better off of him more people watched the show, and also Stephen Colbert which follows.  But that’s another story, it too worth telling.

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