Jacmus Weekly Recap: 26th Feb – March 7th, 2013

Giant LampreyI hope everyone has had a good week.  Statistically speaking my hopes are in vain.  Many of you reading this probably didn’t have a good week, or at least if you did, it was interrupted by a Monday.

Then again whether your week was good or bad is a matter of perception.  None of you fell into a black hole or fell victim to a gigantic lamprey.  There was a time in the dark history of Mankind where being thrown into a pond of lampreys was considered justice, or at least a fitting punishment.  Were you thrown into a pond full of gigantic lampreys this week?  No, and you should be grateful for that.  I sure am.

Onto more substantive matters.  First off this week we discovered – I’m kidding, we already knew, but it’s more evidence – that Mike Huckabee is a heartless prick.  He was on Fox and Friends and they began to talk about preexisting conditions, and he likened them to someone whose house just burnt down calling up the insurance company for coverage.  By Huckabee’s reckoning, if you have a preexisting condition you’re simply not a good investment.  [ Full Article ]

Next we delved into the topic of what role violent media has to play when it comes to gun violence, and how Marilyn Manson used to be the problem.  Remember Columbine?  All that outrage at his music and the graphic content in his videos.  Who among us has not listened to a Marilyn Manson song and felt a Dexter like rage that can only be quelled by a massacre.  [ Full Article ]

Then came a tribute to Jonas Salk, a gentleman who not only discovered the vaccine to polio, but gifted it to the world.  When asked on a television interview who had the patent he answered, “There is no patent.  Could you patent the Sun?”  He could have profiteered off of the vaccine, but instead he chose to ensure as few people in the world as possible would suffer from polio, irrespective of their financial situation.  I name this man a hero.  [ Full Article ]

In the linear spirit of the Jacmus site, the obvious next article to come hinges upon Hypernovas, Supermassive Black Holes, Neutron Stars and Quasars.  [ Full Article ]

This article, tackling David Hume’s Is-Ought problem, is something I wish to be contested on.  I think it would make for a good debate in the comments, so please go read it and have at it with your arguments.  Inspired by a parcel of Sam Harris’s thinking, I try and make a case against a well established philosophical argument, or at least attempt to render it invalid in the context of theists debating atheists.  [ Full Article ]

Big news, a guy’s windshield was crapped on by a bird, and he saw Jesus in the splotch.  This article delves into the pattern seeking mind and confirmation bias, and is good fun.  You should read it.  [ Full Article ]

There’s also new articles in our current news section, jacmus.com/news – you’ll want to bookmark that and check it out daily, lest you miss out on a random insight about one thing or another that happened recently.

Did you know Dennis Rodman visited North Korea and is best buddies with Kim Jung-Un?  I reckon it’s for the best. [ Full Article ]

Tina weighed in with an article about Bradley Manning.  In case there’s any confusion, we at Jacmus support Julian Assange and Bradley Manning.  For my part, I think journalists should be ashamed and discarded for demonizing Bradley Manning instead of taking an interest in the two Reuters news reporters that were killed, and the ‘double tap’ that followed, killing innocents that came onto the scene in an attempted rescue.  [ Full Article ]

Other fun stuff covered were articles on the TSA, flooding in Australia – you probably won’t be terribly interested in that unless you’re in Australia and enjoy reading about flooding, but I implore you nonetheless to have a read.

Next to last up was a article regarding the sequester and whether it was better than a ‘deal’.  Well the sequester has gone through, and many people are hurting, but at least we get cuts from the ridiculously bloated defense budget.   Hopefully we won’t find ourselves with more cuts to ‘entitlements’, and another injection into more unnecessary wasted defense – really offensive, who are we kidding – spending.

To finish, there’s good fun to be had reading about and watching Keith Ellison berate Sean Hannity.  I just don’t like Sean Hannity, I’m biased that way, and it was enjoyable to see him beaten at his own game – interrupting and mocking his liberal guests. [ Full Article ]

As a gesture of my gratitude for your interest in the above articles, I leave you with this:

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