Jacmus Weekly Recap:18th Feb – 25th Feb, 2013

This news letter, or recap of events, covers from 18th Feb – 25th Feb, 2013.   Sometimes two weeks might happen before the next, or could be just the passing of a mere week, or the pain-staking wait for a whole month.  One step at a time.

First this week we covered the topics of what it’s poor taste or necessity that we question faith, or ideas lacking sufficient evidence that are asserted as truths . [ Full Article ]

Next covered the was Keystone Pipeline and how terrible an idea it is.  Take those billions you’re going to spend to create minimal jobs, destroy the atmosphere at a hastened pace, and all to profit multinational corporations that are going to be distributing that oil worldwide, and finding excellent ways of avoiding any semblance of a reasonable tax when doing business inside the US.

President Obama himself, without congress, can do something about it.  If he’s at all serious about climate change, if he means one word of his intent when he speaks on the subject, he cannot allow it to continue.  This is by far the heaviest producer of green house gas emissions compared to all other fossil fuels.  [ Full Article ]

Then our friend Ross shared an article with us concerning a controversial subject in atheism; having their own places to worship.  Though in my own reading of the article, and subsequent research, I think semantics largely lends to any divisiveness or misunderstandings that resulted form his ideas  and dull reason to squabble.  I like Ross’s nuanced approach to atheism, as he does not box the concept into a easily understood prepacked opinion for someone to label you with.  [ Full Article ]

For the next article the not so happy subject of the prison industrial complex, a rapidly growing and insidious in America.  We’re incarcerating more citizens per capita than any other country in the world.  That’s pretty pathetic.  [ Full Article ]

After tackling some somber subjects, we injected the levity of philosophically pondering whether entertainment wrestling truly is ‘real’ or fake’.  In the end I came to the obvious conclusion that it’s both real and fake, just to clear up the discussion by being concise.  [ Full Article ]


PageLines- cube2.pngThis week we also introduced our news page, ‘News Spectrum From Around The Pale Blue Dot’.  I hope to bring you some random and interesting bits of news each day, and have fun talking about it.  Hopefully you’ll have fun to. [ Full Article ]

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