International Global Pillow Fight Day 2013

International Pillow Fight Day 2013
International Pillow Fight Day 2013

Everyone loves a pillow fight.  It gives you a chance to slam an object repeatedly against another person’s head without doing any real damage.  It gets to the root of our primal instincts to do battle, and breaks the unjust social mores that you can’t knock random people to the ground whenever you feel the need to let off some steam.  That’s why Mankind invented global pillow fight day.

Whose Idea Was This Pillow Fighting Madness?

Though men have for years been unjustly stereotyped about envisioning scantily clad woman knocking each other about with pillows, this has nothing to do with such none sense.  This new ritual, six years running, was birthed in Hong Kong, offering the people one hour to knock whoever was in their midst around with a pillow.

Around 1000 people have turned out in central Hong Kong to take part in a feather frenzy – in support of International Pillow Fight Day.

Hong Kong wasn’t alone in the madness, with Pillow Fight Day celebrated in many major cities across the globe.

‘It kind of suits Hong Kong, because it’s quite a high-pressure city, so it’s a chance for people to let off some steam just once a year for an hour,’ Pillow fight organiser Tom Grundy told CBS.

It was the event’s sixth year. [ ]

Pillow fights erupted not only in China, but in the US, Canada, and other regions throughout the world too.  Incredibly enough no one was arrested for filling a pillow case with batteries and coins, or igniting a bomb disguised as a pillow.  Instead people just had fun and let off stress, though you can be sure headaches ensued, and possibly a few knee and hip abrasions.  Some people took their pillow fighting more seriously than others.

Some say ( me, right now ) that North Korea even enjoyed a 3 minute pillow fight, though anyone found fighting once time ran out was summarily executed.  Kim Jung-Un himself was said to have hit 100 people with one swing of his pillow, knocking each fifty yards into the sky.  Such an athletic feat has not been seen in the country since his father Kim Jung-il consistently bowled a 300, and hit a hole in one every time he deigned to swing a golf ball club.

All dark humor aside, this seems like a great idea.  International conflicts should be won by staging country wide pillow fights, with the victors chosen as champions.  Then a great sleep over can take place in on the disputed border, or within the dictator in question’s palace, where the champions have at it until someone is so out of breath from laughing and too concussed to continue.  We can dream of a better world.

Here’s how it went down in New York.  You’ll note the police were on hand, just in case any pillow warriors got too unruly.

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And of course, footage from the pillow fighting capital of the world, Hong Kong.

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