If Aliens Attack Don’t Worry, We’ll Call In The Scientific Community As Cavalry

I recently watched the documentary, Alien Invasion: Are we Ready?  The premise is to show us a realistic portrayal of what might happen if aliens really did cross the Galaxy to visit planet Earth by using accomplished scientists to brain storm and tell the story.  Of course Michio Kaku was featured as one of the main story tellers – I knew that would be the case the moment I began watching.

Michio Kaku To The Rescue

Michio has been interviewed on MSNBC, CNN, and a host of other news outlets regarding the possibility of an alien invasion and what that might entail.  I’m certain if we are attacked by an alien mother ship in his lifetime that he’ll be in his car racing to Washington DC, just like Jeff Goldblum’s character in Independence Day, but with less trepidation.  Hopefully Neil DeGrasse Tyson will be in the passenger’s seat.

Alien Mother Ship
The alien mother ship prepares its first strike; wiping out the Earth’s grid with a barrage of electromagnetic pulses.

The Aliens Attack

In the documentary the aliens arrive in one single mother ship.  Their first assault is a barrage of electromagnetic pulses that wipe out much of humanity’s grid, sending us back 150 years.  Next comes heavy projectiles sent at astronomical speeds to jettison into the waters around 50 miles out to sea near heavily populated coastal regions, creating tsunamis that wipe out entire cities, killing in the first sortie about two billion humans.

Without power and most communication systems humans inland are oblivious to the destruction of their fellow Earthlings.  From there the aliens capture humans and study their biology, along with various viruses, enabling them to send down a pathogen that causes mild to moderate flu like conditions until the person begins to violently shake, bleed out of their orifices until their eyes explode.  It’s extrapolated by the virologist that birds are the most likely candidates for spreading the virus as they live everywhere, and their droppings and other excretions while flying will be near inescapable.

When Hydrogen Bombs Just Won’t Cut It

For some odd reason in the documentary it takes months before the world launches its first nuclear strike against the mother ship.  I would imagine as soon as the missiles could be prepared, they would be unleashed, but we’ll leave this go in the interest of getting onto the real interesting stuff.  The hydrogen missile does strike the mother ship, but without an atmosphere, and up in the vacuum of space, the explosion carries nowhere near the weight of impact we’d expect.  The ship is left relatively unscathed as a result.

What next, then?  In the documentary humans are fighting a guerrilla warfare on the ground, scoring the occasional win, but they’re too few and never reach the heart of the enemy looming high overhead.  This means a new strategy must be employed, one that will cause more damage to the mother ship than our most formidable and potentially apocalyptic weapons on Earth.

Metal place launch against alien mother ship
The force of a nuclear weapon detonated underground, with a tunnel filled with water, causes the steam to rush up and propel the plate up through the atmosphere at six times the escape velocity.

Edward Teller And Earth’s Last Hope

Here’s where it got most interesting for me, because I wasn’t aware of this before.  Edward Teller, a Hungarian-born American theoretical physicist who lived from January 15th, 1908 – September 9, 2003, is credited, perhaps to his chagrin, with being the father of the hydrogen bomb.

One of the experiments he conducted, back in 1956 was to set off a nuclear bomb in a vertical tunnel leading deep underground with the hole sealed with a metal plate.  The story goes that the force of the blast jettisoned the cap into outer space at over 6 times the escape velocity needed to clear the atmosphere, the calculations indicating it was going at 42 miles a second.  

Alien Mother Ship Impact
The steel plates strike in the hundreds against the alien mother ship, breaching the hull and causing a serious blow.

In the documentary hundreds of these explosions are set off at once, unleashing just as many metal plates shooting up through our atmosphere to slam into the alien mother ship, the resulting impact breaching the ship and exposing it to the vacuum of space.  Not a coup de gras, but a message from Earth that we were not defenseless.

The documentary ends here, though if I were in charge of the military strike, I think I would quickly order another volley to be prepared, and this one to be closely followed by hydrogen warheads tight on the heels of the metal plates.  I figure if the nuclear explosions could find a way through the hull then that might wrap up the party.

Check out the documentary below you’re interested, it’s an enjoyable watch.  Sure, you might feel as if you’ve already watched it, given you just read about it, but you’ll get a lot more detail, and some interesting visuals for your troubles.  I thought this was important to write about because it gives us Earthlings hope.  Even if nukes won’t work against an alien attack, metal plates just might.

[embedplusvideo height=”281″ width=”450″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/6LuZt3FbZww?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=6LuZt3FbZww&width=450&height=281&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep8387″ /]

Visit here to watch part II and III of the documentary.


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