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Abbott’s language gaffes likened to Sarah Palin

Dear Tony Abbott I read in the news yesterday, that you’ve made another language gaffe. While your social blunders and misuse of words are not a new thing, likening the word conservationist to yourself, has me more concerned than the language gaffes which have you compared to Sarah Palin. It is not the first time you have tried … Continue reading Abbott’s language gaffes likened to Sarah Palin

Voter ID Laws for Queensland, Australia

If you live in the sunny State of Queensland in Australia, you may not have heard yet, that ‘can-do’ Campbell wants to bring in voter ID laws. There are a whole lot of reasons, against the implementation of voter ID laws and you may have heard some of these while the debate raged in the United States over the last twelve months.

Reasons against Voter ID Laws

1. Many people don’t have valid identification including

    • the elderly
    • aborigines
    • people who don’t drive
    • people who can’t afford it (licenses and birth certificates aren’t cheap)
    • the disabled
    • those who move about frequently
    • those who might lose their ID

2. It is discriminatory as it stops people from voting, and stopping people from voting is undemocratic.

Voting should be easy. If you’re against Voter ID Laws, now is your time to let Premier Campbell Newman know.

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Maternity leave for the rich, funded by the Government

With under two days to go before Australian’s go to the polls for the Federal Election, the Liberal Party of Australia have finally released their fiscal costings. This comes with a “Do it Yourself” message to the Australian citizen to work through their numbers. If you want to know what the bottom line means for … Continue reading Maternity leave for the rich, funded by the Government

Voting this Year in Australia? Make Your Vote Count.

Voting for Federal elections in Australia are tentatively to be held on Saturday, 14 September 2013. The election announcement made by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, came at the end of January. Though not yet official, the election must occur before 30 November 2013. Every three years in Australia voters head to the polls to elect a new federal government. If … Continue reading Voting this Year in Australia? Make Your Vote Count.

No Excuse for Bigotry.

So, there I was on Facebook doing absolutely nothing in particular when I saw a post from a friend of mine. His name is Travis Rogers and, knowing him outside of the Internet  I know him to be a magnificent human being. He’s kind and works hard to help the community around him—especially those in the … Continue reading No Excuse for Bigotry.