Glenn Beck’s Six Degrees of Exponential Stupidity

The six degrees of exponential stupidity, as exemplified by Glenn Beck, is a descent into mental illness and the sewer of conspiracy theories.

Most people are familiar with the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, a game that arose from the concept that any two Earth humans are  six or fewer acquaintance links apart.  This same concept can be expanded upon to link organizations, global affairs, environmental circumstances, and relationships back to a single individual in order to paint them however you wish.

I got to thinking about this while watching Glenn Beck deconstructing Reza Aslan in the sea of madness that is his mind.   To give some context, here’s a couple of videos.  The first is the ‘Worst Interview Ever’, done of course on Fox News.

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To cleanse the mental pallet, and give a chance to hear a more comprehensive interview with Reza, here’s a second interview.

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 The above is only pertinent in relationship to this article to give a brief background as to what Glenn Beck will be rambling about in the below video.   There’s one section, roughly twenty minutes in, where the stickers and chalk board meet, that made me laugh especially hard.

The first sticker is of Aslan Media, which Glenn first links to the Levantine Cultural center by saying Aslan Media operates under their fiscal sponsorship.   Next, the Levantine Cultural Center is partnered with Code Pink, which has to do with a committee for ‘Narrative Four’, a project dedicated to ‘social change’.  Of course when Glenn Beck talks about social change, one can never be sure whether he’ll mention Fascism, Communism, Marxism, or Hitler in his next breath.

Apparently Narrative Four also has something to do with Tides foundation.  Also, George Soros, the Center for American Progress, the International Crisis Group, Samantha Power, and Media Matters, are all meshed together in Beck’s hellish mental labyrinth.

I can never decide whether Glenn Beck is a genuine lunatic or whether he knows he’s full of shit.  I think probably it’s somewhere in the middle.  Whatever the case, this parlor trick of false logic, the perversion of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, can be utilized by less transparently moronic individuals than Glenn Beck to deceive and mislead.

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Glenn’s feelings and sensibilities must be hurt because Reza deigned to inject a more rational and historical discussion about the supposed life of Jesus of Nazareth.  Also, interesting and noteworthy, was Reza’s explanation of the fact ‘Son of God’, was a title, not a description, in biblical times.  A King could be referred to as a ‘Son of God’, for example.   Or a peasant who likened himself to a King.

In conclusion, Glenn Beck is an idiot, Reza’s writings on Jesus are somewhat interesting, and George Soros is behind every curtain.

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