Glenn Beck’s CNN Atheist Conspiracy And Insights Into His Command Station

Is it possible for Glenn Beck to observe a piece of information without it being filtered through his bullshit sponge of a brain and uttered from his lips to sound like the machinations of an insane idiot?

Not everything is a conspiracy or contrived, especially something as benign but entertaining as Wolf Blitzer asking a survivor of a tornado whether they thanked god, when it turns out that survivor happens to be an atheist.  But maybe I’m naive.  Maybe I can’t see what’s really happening beneath the surface at CNN.  To enlighten us, here’s Glenn Beck.

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One particularly insightful gem of a quote from Glenn in that clip came at the end; just in case your brain hurt before you could get that far.

“We are not fighting against flesh and bone we are fighting the forces of spiritual darkness. It doesn’t matter what people’s intent are, but I will tell you that that was there for a reason.”Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck will be the first to cry foul about Shariah Law insinuating itself into the US Justice system to take a strangle hold, while at the same time he’s clearly perpetuating his own holy war.  His worldview, conspiracies abound, are entrenched in his own religious dogma.  Most people don’t take him seriously and he’s provided comedians material for countless hours of entertainment, but he has become quite wealthy and amassed a large audience to peddle his special brand of insidious bullshit to.

Glenn Beck's Command Station
Glenn Beck’s command station might give insight into the deranged nature of his pattern seeking mind.

Another funny statement by Glenn Beck was that Wolf’s remark didn’t seem natural, it seemed forced.  Are you serious?  Does Wolf Blitzer ever sound natural?

Glenn Beck’s Command Station

Maybe I’m being too picky or biased against Glenn Beck, but does the man really need a command station that boasts at least four monitors and a chalk board?  I can’t help but think he’s not taking the full advantage of the minimize function for the applications he’s running.

It’s possible that if he didn’t have that much information in front of him at any given time; assuming each monitor has substantive information on it, that his mind would not be in a constant hyper state of ‘connecting the dots’.  Really it’s his business how many monitors he uses, but I feel it would be better for his own mental health, and for the well being of his audience, if he stuck to a wide screen monitor and a laptop to serve as a double screen.  And for the love of god, get rid of the damn chalkboard already.

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