E.W. Jackson Reckons Yoga And Meditation Invite Satanic Possession

Are Yoga and Meditation portals for satanic possession?  No, obviously not.  That’s stupid.

E.W. Jackson Doesn't Like Yoga Or Meditation E.W. Jackson, Virginia Lieutenant Governor Candidate, Says Yoga May Result In Satanic Possession

“When one hears the word meditation, it conjures an image of Maharishi Yoga talking about finding a mantra and striving for nirvana,” Jackson wrote in his book, according to Woodruff. “The purpose of such meditation is to empty oneself. [Satan] is happy to invade the empty vacuum of your soul and possess it. Beware of systems of spirituality which tell you to empty yourself. You will end up filled with something you probably do not want.” – E.W. Jackson [ huffingtonpost.com ]

Before I say a few words on this subject, let’s have a watch of one of his campaign advertisements.

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Wow.  This guy is something.  But rather than go on a tirade about what a jackass this guy is, I’m going to clarify the obvious about meditation and yoga.

It’s Mindfulness, Not Mindlessness

The essence of a meditative practice, be it sitting in silence and observing your mind or practicing yoga, is to increase your state of awareness, not decrease it.  If you want to decrease your state of awareness there are plenty of narcotics for that, or you could just get drunk, or zone out in front of the TV.  Meditative practices are disciplines.  They require training and focus.  Getting drunk or zoning out does not.

There are many ways of wording the intent of a meditative practice.  Stilling the analytical mind, dwelling in silence, bringing about a state of thoughtless awareness, to name a few.  Satan and demons aside, this is not a prone state where others can take advantage of your mind.  It’s quite the opposite.  The more one develops a mind adept at remaining still and silent, the more one opens themselves up to living in the present moment.

Without making this seem a grandiose or difficult concept to grasp, you can simply think of it as having your focus on the here and now, without your thoughts venturing forth unbidden into the future, creating stress and uncertainty, or harkening into the past, bringing about grief, depression, or thoughts of ‘what might have been’.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking about the future, or thinking about the past – this type of behavior can be useful, without the need to elaborate on why –  but if our mind is left unobserved this type of thinking generally traps us in repetitious thought patterns that rarely serve us or create a sense of well being.  Thoughts still arise in a meditative state, but they are more akin to clouds passing across a landscape that can be observed but do not pull you into them and carry you along a stream of unbidden thought processes.

In short, the idea that meditation or yoga is in anyway a danger to mental health – especially when you inject Satan into the equation, is utter bullshit.


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