Dragons or Dinosaurs, Creation or Evolution

Dragons or Dinosaurs, Creation or Evolution.  I can’t believe I didn’t know this existed.  I watched the below video several times, then took to the search engines to verify if this was for real.  Though in retrospect, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at all.

Eric Hovind is the host of a you tube channel ‘creationtoday’, which immediately gives you some perspective on the quality of viewing material they put out.  In the below video he interviews Darek Isaacs, author of Dragons or Dinosaurs, Creation or Evolution.

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Here’s the exchange at the end of the video, but it’s only just over two minutes, so you may as well watch the whole thing.

“So you’re telling me you think that dragons that are talked about in revelation aren’t just mythical or figurative speech, they’re a real animal?” – Eric Hovind

“Here’s the issue, speaking right to that, it’s a great question.  If Dragons in fact were entirely mythological, if they were a figment of imagination, if they never did exist, then god just compared our adversary to make believe creatures that never existed.” – Darek Isaacs

There’s not a whole lot to say about this.  I feel as if I would simply be bullying to go on a rant about the sheer stupidity, though I can’t help having a bit of fun with this.

I enjoyed the Dragonlance books, D&D can be great fun, and well, who doesn’t love dragons?  But the same people who insist there’s not enough fossil evidence to support the theory of evolution, despite tens of thousands of transitional fossils – really, every fossil is in fact a transitional fossil – are going to assert that dragons existed because if they didn’t, it wouldn’t make sense for god to compare a dragon to a make believe being.  In fairness I’m certain it’s only some of the same people. 

A depiction of Smaug from ‘The Hobbit’.

I linked to the book above, but you can check out a webpage with more information on this fascinating subject here.  Of course there’s more arguments to be made on behalf of the biblical dragon discussions, and I encourage you to look into them.  Much as I would encourage you to read the Dark Elf Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore, or Game of Thrones, by George. R. R. Martin.  Though I would endorse reading those books because they make for good fantasy literature, where the former makes for what amounts to satire spawned from – and I’m being kind – an intellectually dishonest mind.

Dinosaurs Or Dragons?

Now, of course I haven’t read the book.  But clearly here, openly published in the title, is an insinuation that there’s an argument as to not just whether dragons existed, but whether dragons existed and not dinosaurs.  Though as I eluded to at the start of the article, given the mind that would find this material credible has a worldview of the Earth being between six to ten thousand years old, it really shouldn’t be that surprising.  Their inferred view on dinosaurs would be that either god buried the fossils to test our faith, or that Man and Dinosaur lived together.  Fantastic stuff.

Did Dragons Exist?

I’m agnostic when it comes to dragons in the same way I’m agnostic when it comes to fairies or unicorns.  Though I suppose it really matters how we define a dragon.  There do exist small lizards with small wings, and there do exist other lizards with the name dragon associated with them.  The komodo dragon and the bearded dragon, for example.  But that’s not what Darek is talking about here.  Clearly, as he states, he’s talking about ‘an apex predator above all other apex predators’.  We’re talking Smaug, from The Hobbit.

If I were to assert any probability above the infinitesimal to the previous existence of dragons on Earth, it would have to, almost by necessity, be within the evolutionary scale of an Earth around 4.5 billion years old, simply for the fact it’s more conceivable in that great span of time some geological disasters occurred to obscure the evidence of their previous reign of fire and terror.

While I wouldn’t deign to make the argument dragons, in their fantastical depiction in fantasy, exist here on Earth, I think it possible that somewhere out there in the Universe, through the process of natural selection, a semblance of such a creature may thrive.  Merely due to the incredible scale of the Universe, containing hundreds of billions of stars in a galaxy, and hundreds of billions of galaxies.  But even then, it’s just a fun thought experiment in conjunction with the drake equation; though that focuses on the probability of the number of technologically advanced civilizations in the cosmos, not with biological diversity.

One thing is for certain, basing the notion on the two presuppositions that A. the bible is the word of god, and B. god wouldn’t have compared Satan to dragons if they were merely mythological, is pretty damn crazy.

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