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Definitions included on this page, are provided to lessen ambiguity and clarify certain terms relating to the topics, individuals and concepts that are explored at Jacmus. Like everything these definitions may evolve over time through discussion and a greater understanding of what lies beneath the words.  If you would like to join in our discussion on any of the topics  and their definitions provided below, we encourage you to Like our Facebook Page and start or join discussions.  We welcome all discussions on our definitions, articles, news items and multimedia.

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Abiogenesis is the hypothesis of the natural process by which life arises from nonliving matter.

Adam Lazarus is an entomologist who has a unique passion for ants that has carried him to some of the most remote places on Earth.

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Ann Coulter makes a living on hate mongering, breeding ignorance, and diminishing the collective IQ of the human race.  [ Would It Be Immoral To Eject Ann Coulter Into Outer Space? ]

an Anti-theist  is a person who denies or disbelieves in the existence of gods, deities or other superstitious beliefs; or someone who, even if convinced by sufficient evidence that god exists, would not want to worship the god and would think it was a negative aspect of reality.

Here’s a video from the late Christopher Hitchens the consummate anti-theist:

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ANZAC Day stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.  [ ANZAC Day: “Lest We Forget” ]

an Atheist  is a person who does not believe in the existence of gods, deities or other superstitious beliefs.  [ Atheism Articles ]

Atheism+ is an offshoot of atheism that proposes their own basic and principle values.  [ Richard Carrier And ‘Being With Or Against Atheism+ ]

Asteroids are celestial projectiles hurtling through space at astronomical speeds.  They can be composed of many elements, including stone, iron or nickel.  They have impacted the Earth in the past, and they will impact the Earth in the future.  [ Close Encounter With Asteroid 2012 DA14  ]

Astrology is, at best, a pseudo science with the fundamental principle  that the position of the planets at your time of birth influences your personality.  [ Natural Stupidity 2: Astrology Bad, Astronomoy Good ]


Bill Hicks was a comedian and a dark poet.  [ Bill Hicks: The Dark Poet ]

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Bertrand Russell lived from May 18th 1872 – to February 2nd 1970, and was a British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian and social critic.  [ Bertrand Russell’s ‘Ten Commandments‘ / Bertrand Russell’s Teapot – The Argument From Ignorance ]

Bigotry is the art of being an ignorant jerk to your fellow primates.  [ No Excuse For Bigotry / Atheistic Bigotry Is Still Bigotry ]

Brian Green is one of the leading experts in String Theory who specializes in communicating his interests to broaden the interest in the field in the non scientific community.

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Bullshit pervades society.  [ Let’s Get Immunized Against Bullshit ]

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Capitalism  is defined by Encarta as “an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit.”

Carl Sagan was a famous astrophysicist and masterful teacher.  [ A Tribute To Carl Sagan ]

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Communism is theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.

Cosmological Natural Selection is a theory championed by astrophysicist Lee Smolin that black holes give birth to new Universe’s with similar properties to the Universe that spawned the black hole.  Since giant stars are necessary for black holes, and the same physics is conducive to a Universe that could possibly support life, there could be a kind of natural selection working on the cosmic scale to create an impulse towards similar Universes that we are familiar with.  [ Cosmological Natural Selection ]


David Hume  was a Scottish philosopher and historian that lived from 1711 to 1776.  [ Tackling David Hume’s Is-Ought Problem ]

David Silverman is the current President of the American Atheists, his website found at  [ David Silverman Debates Frank Turek ]

Democracy is defined at as, “Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

Deity is something or someone that is given divine status such as a god or goddess.

Drones are unmanned aircraft that can spy and employ military tactics, including assassinations that are used throughout the world.  [ Drones Strikes ]


an Electron is a subatomic particle with a negative charge.

Elizabeth Warren is one of the few politicians – a recently elected senator – who is not beholden to corporate interests.  In fact she’s our best hope of kicking Wall St and the corrupt bankers in the balls.  [ Elizabeth Warren 2016? ]

Extremophiles are microorganisms that can exist, and even thrive in some of the most extreme circumstances imaginable on planet Earth, or even out in the vacuum of space.  [ Extremophiles And Their Implications For Life On Other Planets ]


a Fascist is defined at as, “a person who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views.”

The Four Horsemen is not in context to the bible, but instead a name attributed to Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett, who came out at roughly the same time with hard hitting books against religion.  They are well known champions of atheism, science and well reasoned arguments.

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{ Part II of the conversation }

Frank Turek is a Christian author and public speaker.  [ David Silverman Debates Frank Turek ]


Government a local body of authority elected or otherwise that govern a group of people based on locality such as municipal, state, federal, country, nation, kingdom.  [ Articles Pertaining To Government, Society and Business ]


Homeopathy is, at best, a pseudo scientific idea that a resonance, vibration, or a harmony can reconstruct of water to resonate with the particular energy of a plant or substance.  [ Natural Stupidity: Rejecting Science For Homeopathy ]


Infinity means to go on in infinite bounds.  [ Infinity And Incomprehensible Numbers ]


Jonas Salk found the vaccine for polio and was quoted, when asked about the patent as saying, “There is no patent.  Could you patent the Sun?”  [ A Tribute To Jonas Salk ]

Jon Stewart is a comedian renowned to bringing more awareness to world events than the mainstream media on his platform, The Daily Show.  [ Jon Stewart: A Comedian And A Credible News Source? ]


The Kalam Cosmological Fallacy is a theist deductive argument, wherein the conclusion is determined by the premises.  [ The Kalam Cosmological Fallacy ]

The XL Keystone Pipeline is a a pipeline meant to transfer tar sands from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.  Not only will the pipeline do vlittle for American energy dependence and job growth, but it will hasten climate change.  The only ones who will profit will be the multinational corporations.  [ The XL Keystone Pipeline: One Shitty Idea ]

Kurt Wise  was born in 1959 in the USA and graduated from Harvard University in 1989 with a PhD in geology.  He is also a young earth creationist. [ The Curious Case of Kurt Wise ]


Lawrence Krauss  is an American theoretical physicist and cosmologist who is a professor of physics and a well known proponent of raising scientific literacy throughout the world.  [ Lawrence Krauss on Q&A ]

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Liberal is an adjective to describe someone who is open to new opinions and willing to discard with traditional beliefs.  There are varying degrees of Liberalism which is the political ideology that favors social progress and small government.


Mathematics is an abstract science including numbers, quantity and space.  [ Infinity And Incomprehensible Numbers ]

Marxism  originally devised by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engelsis in the Nineteenth Century is a set of political and economical theories to create a social system in which class struggle is a key factor to social change in Western societies. Marxism is the antithesis of capitalism. The dominant feature is public ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange.

Mike Adams is the ‘health ranger’ who writes for Natural News.  Writers for Jacmus, Tristan and Nick, have taken a crowbar to several of his arguments.  [ Natural Stupidity: The Rejection Of Science For Homeopathy / “What Skeptics Really Believe” / Natural Stupidity 2: Astrology Bad, Astronomy Good ]

Multiverse is many Universes, possibly an infinite number.


News is a report of a recent event that has intelligence gained through journalism.  We see a distinct lack of this in major networks these days.  We have our own news section at Jacmus to help give some new perspectives. [ News Spectrum ]


Panspermia is the  hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe, distributed by asteroids, meteoroids and planetoids. [ Panspermia ]

Physics is physical science, based on the study and observation of fundamental forces in nature.

The Planck Satellite is named after the noble laureate Max Planck and in 2013 lead us to a new understanding of the age of our Universe, the balance of matter, dark matter, and dark energy. [ Planck – Our Observable Universe Gets Older ]

Politics is the practice or profession of conducting political affairs.  There’s a deserved stereotype that there’s an over abundance of cancerous bullshit associated with politics. [ A Constitutional Convention: An Answer To Ending Citizen’s United ]

Prison Industrial Complex is a system that privatizes corporations to run prisons for profit.  They become more profitable the more prisoners they have, and take an active interest in seeing that legislation is passed to create that profit. [ Land Of The free? ]


Religion is a wide variety of institutions that rely on scripture and dogma to inspire faith without sufficient scientific evidence. [ Religious Themed Articles ]


Sam Harris  is an American author, philosopher, public intellectual, and neuroscientist, is a co-founder and CEO of Project Reason, and known as one of the original ‘Four Horsemen’ of the New Atheists.

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Science is the systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. [ Science Related Articles ]

Simulated  Universes are a scientific theory that investigates the possibility we are living in a simulated reality.  [ Do We Live In A Simulated Universe? ]

Socialism a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and  control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

Sodom and Gomorrah is a biblical story of how god’s wrath descends upon cities he finds unconscionable, but spares Lot and his family, despite the fact Lot offered up his virgin daughters to a mob to be raped, in order to protect his guests.  Also Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt for looking back.  Never look back.  [ Sodom and Gomorrah ]

Spirituality is a non religious practice that does not necessarily necessitate the incorporation of any dogma or presuppositions.  [ Is There A Place For Spiritual Discourse Within Atheism? ]

The Supernatural is a manifestation or event attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.  [ There is no Supernatural, It’s All Natural ]


a Theist is a person that believes in a biblical god, or deity that is able to intervene in a supernatural capacity to affect events in our Universe.

The Tower of Babel is the story about god feeling insecure about the fact humans were working together and could accomplish anything, and deciding it was best to scatter them across the Earth and confuse their ability to communicate with one another. [ The Tower Of Babel – A Divisive And Fearful God ]

The Young Turks is the largest online media news outlet in the world with a proud self proclaimed progressive bias.  [ The Young Turks Channel ]

Thunderf00t is a one of the more prominent atheists in the you tube community and happens to be a scientist with a passion for blowing stuff up as well as calling creationists to account.  [ Atheist You Tube Channels Worth Checking Out / Thunderf00t’s Channel ]


Universe  originally meant totality.  The collection of all the solar systems, galaxies and everything that lay between.  This definition may not be absolute if Multiverse Theory is proven correct.


Vaccinations are used to bolster a person’s immune system against particularly dangerous diseases such as polio, smallpox, measles and mumps.  [ Vaccination: The Harmful Misinformation / A Tribute To Jonas Salk ]

Violence in the Media is often blamed as a psychological variable in the mental well being of children during developmental stages, and on effecting adults behavioral responses.  [ Is Violence In The Media The Culprit Behind Gun Violence? ]


War on Drugs is a prohibition on substances that has resulted in the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of non violent offenders over the years.  It has also cost the country billions upon billions to perpetuate.  Currently it plays a part in benefiting the prison industrial complex.  [ The War on Drugs: Profits Over Suffering ]


Yellow is the name of a color and also a Coldplay song.

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YOLO is an acronym for ‘You only live once‘.  [ YOLO And Misconceptions About Living In The Now ]