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Current affairs include topics and issues that affect all of us. In a world where voices are liberated, the chains of oppression can be broken. Our world is a place where everyone should be born with equal opportunity. Our world can have better and fairer choices. We are a collaboration of informative and liberated voices. Jacmus provides opinionated views on current affairs. We cover news and topics on humanity and our world environment.

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Education and communication are keys to liberation

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Liberate Your Voice

Current Affairs - liberate yourself and be freeWith your involvement we can create greater awareness of world current affairs.  We highlight important world issues that affect us all on the pathway to a liberated future. Here are few things that you can start doing right now

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The Jacmus Insider is expanding to include reader surveys on world issues. We cover a wide range of subjects that affect all of humanity. It isn’t just about what is in the news and what is being said. More importantly, it is about those questions that are not being asked.

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Welcome to a more liberated world.

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