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As we use our privilege to surf the web and update our social status, our world changes.

Before technology advanced to bridge the divide of oceans, the Industrial Age coaxed us to live closer together, shifting humans into a dense throng of differing cultures.

For many, the 20th century promised freedom, but instead it delivered an ignorant suppression.

While advances in technology continue to stretch and refine precious resources, our politicians argue over who should benefit from the necessities of living. Some leaders are chosen, others bought, and an elite few wield an authoritative influence.

For now our ability to communicate through the world wide web remains freeish. The internet gives people the ability to self educate on world issues and current affairs.

Yet, there are those that seek to take away this gift, or to charge more for it. Even worse, they seek to exploit and restrict the data it contains.

In a world where voices are liberated, the chains of oppression can be broken. Our world can have better and fairer choices.

We are a collaboration of informative and liberated voices.

Jacmus is a platform for opinionated views on current affairs. We cover news and topics about humanity and our environment.

Current Affairs and Opinionated News

Education and communication are keys to freedom.

News snippets from around the world
News snippets from around the Pale Blue Dot. Ideal for short breaks.

We provide:

  • Social commentary on current affairs, social constructs, sciences, religion, culture, technology and the future.
  • Snippets of news from around the world.
  • A platform for voices to articulate opinions, ask questions and share ideas.

Your Voice Liberated

With your involvement, we aim to make more people aware of current affairs.  To create a future that we want to live in, it’s important to highlight issues that affect us all.

Here’s a few things that you can do right now:

  • Challenge your own thinking and ideas.
  • Create or join a discussion.
  • Ask questions.
  • Subscribe to our updates
  • Complete a reader survey.
  • Answer a poll.
  • Educate yourself.

Become a Jacmus Insider

The Jacmus Insider is expanding to include reader surveys on world issues. We cover a wide range of subjects that affect all of humanity. It isn’t just about what is in the news and what is being said. More importantly, it is about those questions that are not being asked.

We want to hear your voice on

  • current affairs
  • world news
  • human rights
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Welcome to a more liberated world.

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