If you feel inspired to leave a comment beneath an article we welcome and encourage your participation on the site.

The Benefits of Commenting on An Article at Jacmus

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Comments left on this multi-user blog will gain the attention of the Author directly.  You can begin a discussion on the topic whether it is positive or negative and give the Author feedback.  Author’s love feedback whether it is good or bad.  It lets us know that you are reading the article and are interested in the topic and it can also give us an insight into other topics you might be interested in reading on Jacmus.

Linking back to your blog and using CommentLuv

If you have your own blog, by leaving a comment you have the opportunity to link back to your blog.  If you use CommentLuv on your own blog, you can also choose to link to a blog article or page on your blog.  This provides you with  an extended network that can help with traffic generation to your own blog. With CommentLuv you can also add two key words after your name once you have two approved comments.  These comments can be on the same article or a different article.

If we aware that your blog fits with our own topics you may also find your blog added to one of our link directories.  Some link directories are visible in the footer of our pages and blog articles.  Our side bars and sections also contain link directories.  You can also Contact Us to bring your blog to our attention.

You don’t need to be a user of CommentLuv to leave a comment.

Changes to our Comments and Registration Policy

Comment - PeopleAs of April 20th 2013, our policy for leaving comments has changed.  The good news (and not in the biblical sense) is that you are no longer required to register for Jacmus in order to comment indefinitely.

First time commentators still need to have their first comment approved* by a team member at Jacmus.

We approve first time comments to help reduce trolls, spam and auto spam from being posted. Most spam sent to this site is either automatically rejected (as are spam ping backs), or does not make it through our programmed commenting rules. (Bye! Bye!) Every now and then we realise that some spam,which may be logged by a human being working in cheap sweat rooms full of other human beings does sneak through.  To ensure that our website remains spam free and enjoyable for our readers and other commentators, we have decided to approve all first posts.

Before commenting, we recommend that you read through our Disclaimer.

*Posts That We Approve

In relation to the topic that the comment is being posted against, we approve comments which:

  • add value to the discussion
  • raise questions
  • request further information
  • agree with the Author
  • disagree with the Author
  • provide further information that supports the Author’s argument
  • provide a different insight to the discussion
  • counter the Author’s argument or statements with valid links  (up to 2 allowed per comment)
  • complement the Author’s article
  • criticize the Author’s article.

We approve all relevant discussions. You don’t have to agree with the writer.  You can have a totally opposing opinion or have other relevant factual information on the topic that you’d like to share or correct in an article.

Registration is Not Required for Commentators

To comment on this website, you are not required to register. If you have Facebook, Twitter or Google plus you may still be able to login.

Registrations prior to 20 April 2013

Direct registration to this website is now limited to Authors only.  After allowing registrations we discovered a large number of sweatshop spammers were registering which began to chew into our resources.  Until we are able to upgrade to a dedicated server, new registrations for legitimate commentators will remain closed.

If you have previously registered and commented before 20 April 2013 and you had an approved comment, you will still be able to login.

If you are an active member of the Facebook Jacmus community who previously registered you will also still be able to login.

To show your support for the Jacmus community you can also help by liking the site or articles on Facebook, Twitter and Google+,and writing a review for either Reddit or

Help us to spread the word of Jacmus to challenge Humanity’s current mindset.

To find out more about Jacmus’ I recommend you have a browse through our About page and a read through our articles that are of interest.

This is the place for deep and meaningful discussion relevant in our world today and in the future.

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