Bill O’Reilly Reasonable? Rush Limbaugh’s a Tool, And Monsanto Bill Slips Through

Bill O’Reilly has surprised many this week with the following statement during a talk with Megan Kelly:

“The compelling argument is on the side of homosexuals. That’s where the compelling argument is. We’re Americans. We just want to be treated like everybody else. That is a compelling argument. And to deny that, you’ve got to have a very strong argument on the other side. And the other side hasn’t been able to do anything but thump the bible …. I support civil unions I always have. All right, the gay marriage thing, I don’t feel that strongly about it one way or the other.”  – Bill O’Reilly

Progress Of A Kind

What are the true motivations of Bill O’Reilly’s seemingly sensible approach to marriage equality?  It is an open secret that Fox ‘News’ talking heads receive memos each morning about various talking points and certain phraseology their brain trusts put together to ensure everyone is on message.  Watch in the days to come, for it’s not just going to be Bill O’Reilly who shifts left on this issue.

Roger Ails is no dummy, and Fox News is first and foremost a Republican propaganda machine, not necessarily a conservative propaganda machine, though the two often walk hand and hand.  After losing the last election so badly, the republican strategists knew they had to make a few shifts, otherwise in the next election their demographic of bigots will have lessened even further.

From my observations, the daily memos at Fox have instructed the talking heads to move a bit further to the left on the issue of gay marriage. This is good, as it shows how the public opinion can force even propaganda outlets such as Fox to sing to a different tune, but let’s not be fooled into thinking Bill O’Reilly is any less of an asshole today than he was yesterday.

Interestingly enough, though not in the least bit surprising, Rush Limbaugh’s still holding tight to his open bigotry on the issue, never ceasing to offend by being an absolute tool. 

“She was talking about contracts, folks, just so you understand,” the radio host explained. “Everybody can contract with a member of the opposite sex to marry them. But her point was that if same sex fits the bill of the contract then everything fits the bill.”

 Limbaugh then took that logic one step further.

“And at some point, who’s to say that you cannot have sex with a child?” he asked. [ ]

Bill O’Reilly is a few degrees more reasonable than Rush Limbaugh, and the two have never exactly been friends.  Their adversarial relationship stems from the fact when Bill O’Reilly worked in radio he competed against Rush for years during the same time slot.  Since Romney and the republicans lost the Presidential election, Rush has been on a tirade that the republicans need to move further to the right and stand stronger in their ideology, as not to appear weak and compromise their ‘principles’.

Rush Limbaugh is a sinking ship, or a train wreck, whichever analogy you prefer.  Fox News will adjust on certain social issues to attempt to widen their audience to be in a position to assist republicans in future elections.  They have the benefit of corrupt, but intelligent minds like Roger Ails and conservative strategist Karl Rove to try and weed out the translucent lunatics from the next election in order to grasp onto as much power in an increasingly progressive country as they can.

Marriage equality is also an issue that does not concern big moneyed interests such as corporate donors.  This is a social issue that conservatives must give ground on in order not to become increasingly antiquated and backwards in the eyes of Americans.  The only arguments against marriage equality are from religious fundamentalists or are outright bigoted and absurd, such as the argument the fabric of America will be torn apart if gay and lesbian couples can get married.  An argument devoid of logic.   This is why I strongly believe marriage equality is inevitable it not so distant future, regardless of the outcome of Prop 8.

What’s most important to watch within the republican party – and the democratic party too, as they only marginally less bought by corporate interests than republicans – is what kind of policies they put forth, not what rhetoric.  Increasingly we’re learning from President Obama that promising rhetoric often leads to a disappointing lack of results.

We’ll win this fight, but Bill O’Reilly and the rest of Fox News don’t change their tune due to compassion or sudden insights of wisdom, they do it as an overall strategy.   For issues that involve corporate interests, we’ll need to get rid of the corporate person hood and get rid of Citizen’s United through a Constitutional Convention.

Monsanto Bill Slips Through While Nation Focuses On Prop 8

Here’s evidence for that claim.  While the Supreme Court was debating Prop 8, Obama signed into legislation a bipartisan bill regarding Monsanto:

We just got word that despite past promises to promote GMO transparency, Obama signed HR933, which contains the Monsanto Protection Act, into law. According to The Austin Chronicle, the measure protects genetically modified seeds from litigation by “allowing the U.S. Department of Agriculture to override judicial rulings and grant temporary permits for conventional farmers to plant and grow genetically modified crops while pending review.” Hence the “Monsanto Protection Act,” a name given by activists against biotech giants avoiding GMO labeling. ]

Watch the full clip of Bill O’Reilly talking to Megan Kelly below to get the full context of the discussion:

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