Bill Hicks: The Dark Poet

The Dark Poet - Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks, ‘the comedian’s comedian’, and who died far too young.

Bill Hicks was unknown to me prior to my arrival in Australia at 19 years of age.  I had lived in the US, and unfortunately he was not among the best known comedians.  He had far more success abroad, and in Australia he was a legend.  Right away my friends insisted that I listen to him, and I immediately recognized the insight he brought to his comedy, with a dark poet’s craft with words and a compassionate heart.

“It’s Just a Ride” – Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer on February 6th, 1994 at the age of 32.  It would be easy to lament on what insights and laughter was lost to us at his early passing, but instead it’s to be celebrated that despite being born in small town conservative USA he was unafraid to challenge the bedrock assumptions that went to the heart of politics, death and humanity.  His philosophy is brilliantly encapsulated in the below video.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Rather than end on a sentimental note, it’s more in the spirit of  Bill Hicks’ comedy and mission to explore a few of his ideas instead.  One such notion was in part inspired, or at least similar in nature to, Terrence McKenna’s book, Food of the Gods, where a plausible hypothesis was laid out that human consciousness, to the state that it has evolved, is impacted by mankind’s relation with plants, herbs and fungi.  As we’re intrinsically woven into the DNA fabric of all life on this planet, this is not surprising.   Let Bill Hicks explain further.

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As you might have deduced from the above video, Bill Hicks was outspoken against the war on drugs and understood its futility and harm to basic human rights.  He was also a conspiracy theorist, never tiring of revisiting the assassination of JFK, and on occasion recollecting back on the Waco massacre on April 19, 1993, where 74 men, woman and children were killed in a compound lead by the infamous cult leader David Koresh.   Agree or disagree with Bill’s analysis and conclusions, but always he was articulate, funny, and gave you something to think about, or perhaps even to change your mind entirely.

A Story You Won’t See On The News

I’ll leave you with one last piece of his that gives further insight into his experiences and perspective on the world.  To those who already know and love Bill Hicks, these clips are all familiar.   To those who have discovered him through this article, I hope you’re inspired to explore the wealth of his comedy easily accessible through you tube, and that you get in some good laughs for the effort.

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