Best Buddies, Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung-Un?

Obama Vs Kim
There’s other ways to resolve global conflicts than war.

Dennis Rodman met with Kim Jung-Un, the ‘Great Leader‘ of North Korea.  They hung out together, maybe they talked sports, or swapped stories about woman.  We don’t know, Rodman’s not in a hurry to talk to the media about it.  The media of course isn’t happy, the reports I’ve seen from progressive news like The Young Turks, to ABC, to the most conservative outlets such as Fox News, have thought this a bad idea.  They’ve disparaged Rodman for saying Kim Jung-Un is a good guy, for smiling and appearing to enjoy his company in the video and pictures we’ve seen.

How could this wayward basketball star, uncensored in his way of expression, come to be the closest thing to a legitimate source about Kim Jung-Un’s character and personality, than any other in the USA?  For him to endorse Kim Jung-Un, a man who eats and lives like a king while the majority of his people starve, a man with control of nuclear weapons and a powerful military and the perceived insanity to go off the cuff at any time, how could Dennis Rodman do this?   It’s unthinkable, immoral, dangerous… right?

The Wormtongue Hypothesis

I have a different view on this.  A view that could change – all views should be so malleable when faced with evidence – if more credible  information comes to light that contradicts my thinking.  We know about Grima Wormtongue from the Lord of the Rings.  Such men exist, but in the context of a world of war mongers, human tyrants and corruption, instead of a world of wizards and elves.

Dick Cheney was W’s Grima.  If Bush had a more right thinking – not in the sense of a republican conservative, but in the sense of someone with recognizable morality of some substance, not inclined to bring devastation upon hundreds of thousands for financial gain – he may have made many decisions differently.  He was a weak President with the worst possible Vice President.  We don’t really know Kim Jung-Un, save for our understanding how one’s nurture and nature effect them.  Kim Jung-Un was born into this station, bred for it, his mind controlled by a merciless and tyrannical machine since his birth.

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung-Un Good Friends?  Who Knows, It Could Work Out For The Best.

What we don’t want is Kim Jung-Un being exposed only to his Wormtongues.  Those in the military and stations of power that surround him, used to the way of life before their ‘Dear Leader’ died.  They will want to either keep the status quo, or enhance their own power, and they will influence and use Kim Jung-Un to the degree they are able.  In this light, maybe hanging out with Dennis Rodman would do him some good.  Maybe it will give him a wider perspective, plant a seed about an idea or two.  We don’t know.

What we do know is that demonetization and isolation of this country won’t heal it.  North Korea is horribly oppressive to its people, and is a threat on the world stage.  This fact doesn’t change by the aforementioned tactics of demonetization and isolation.  Rodman, however strange, is at least a bridge between Kim Jung-Un’s mind, and a view of the world that would be left entirely alien to him otherwise.  Yes, he watches western movies as did his father, but actual person to person interaction has the potential to have a far greater impact.  I’m glad Rodman met with Kim Jung-Un, I hope they stay in touch.  I hope one day before the ‘Great Leader’ of North Korea goes off the deep end, he’ll gives Dennis a call first.

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