Atheist You Tube Channels Worth Checking Out

Atheist You Tube Channels Anger GodIf you’re an atheist, a theist, a deist, or someone who prefers no labels at all in this context, you might be interested in a few you tube channels I’ll discuss in this article.  They’re predominantly focused on atheism to one degree or another, though their entertainment and informational value can scale significantly depending on your tastes.


Thunderf00t is a scientist who first came to my attention, and the attention of thousands of others, through his series of videos entitled, ‘Why People Laugh at Creationists‘.  There’s thirty eight episodes in the series, and they are not merely mindless entertainment for people who like to feel superior to other people based on their knowledge.  There’s an element of that, but far more important is the fact Thunderf00t is excellent at breaking down arguments with logic and reasoning while utilizing science to disprove creationist assertions.

He considers himself a PEARLIST.  This is an acronym for one who believes in physical evidence and reasoned logic.  Clearly he’s also an atheist, but as you watch his videos he makes it evident that this term is a more accurate summation of how he views the world and the methodology he uses to determine what is true from, as he might say, ‘absolute rubbish’.

His videos don’t fall solely within the purview of discrediting creationists, though it is a forte of his, but also they engage the public in the beauty of science, and encourage others to take an interest in becoming scientifically literate as to better understand and appreciate the impact science has had on our planet and the development of our world today.  You can check out his you tube channel here.

I’m not a fan of the way William Lane Craig argues, so it’s fitting that I’ll leave the below video of Thunderf00t having a bit of fun deconstructing his deductive reasoning and conclusions.

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The Amazing Atheist

This channel is run by Thomas James Kirk and caters to those that enjoy irreverent humor.  If you’re put off by cursing and yelling, you may not enjoy this channel.  You probably won’t broaden your scientific literacy by watching this channel, but you will be exposed to often thought provoking and entertaining arguments and rants not just against theistic claims, but a myriad of other topics, ranging from social issues to random stuff he feels like putting a video up about.

He might appear to go out of his way to be offensive, but why get hung up on a triviality such as that.  For my taste, and from my perception, he tells it like he sees it, uses colorful language and description, and is honest and passionate about the subjects he makes videos on.  You can check out his channel here.  If you’re a theist, and easily offended, you’ll probably want to give it a pass.  For everyone else, have fun.

To get a taste of his style, you can check out a recent video of his below regarding his views on the new pope.

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The Atheist Experience

Matt Dillahunty runs this show on public access television out of Austin Texas.  There’s many others who serve as co-hosts, and sometimes he doesn’t appear in the show at all, but to my knowledge it’s his brain child.  Matt grew up a devout Christian, and remained so for many years until he decided to turn ranks and become an atheist based on exposure to new information that eroded his previously valued belief system.

The show is usually an hour long and takes callers who are atheists, but predominantly strives to take callers who are theists in order to establish an interesting discussion and avoid a circle jerk of agreeing with one another.  To a large degree the enjoyment factor of the show depends upon the qualify of callers.

It can often be painstaking, taking anywhere from five to twenty minutes before they can deduce the core of caller’s intent or question, and of course many of the same ‘challenging’ questions are repeatedly asked from show to show.  You can tell this grates on the hosts, having to cover the same terrain time and time again.

Even if you’re not a theist, but hold to a belief that is not well founded in science, you must be well prepared when calling into this show.   You will be challenged on every assertion, and always the onus of whether or not you have evidence for your claim will be required for your argument to be taken seriously.

This is a good thing in general, but often the callers will struggle cognitively to make a point, and the watching can become arduous.  I do enjoy the show and appreciate the time and energy Matt, and the other hosts put into it.  You can check it out here.

I’ve selected a 15 minute clip to present below that should suffice to give you an idea of the pros and cons of the show.  If I lived in Austin, as does my brother, I would definitely like to take the hosts up on their offer to meet up at El Arroyo’s after their show for a drink and a bite to eat.

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There’s plenty of other channels worth checking out that delve into atheism but I chose these three for their diversity.  Hopefully you’ll find a channel or two, perhaps all three, that you enjoy, and be beholden to me for pointing you in the right direction to spend countless hours watching you tube videos.

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