The Aftermath of the Great Flood: Travel By Volcanic Eruption

The great flood and Noah’s ark is a tale believed by millions.  Many creationists even believe that dinosaurs lived on the ship.  What’s even more interesting is that there are christian apologists who have given serious thought to the resolving the logical problems that arise when considering the implications of such a worldwide catastrophic event as the great flood.

One of these problems is reconciling how the animals were once again dispersed across the globe, to places they would not have been able to walk, or swim to, without divine intervention.  Fortunately we have conservapedia to enlighten us.

 A Possible Solution To A Problem Inherent In The Aftermath of the Great Flood

The events of the Great Flood would kill all land-dwelling life on earth save for a ‘seed’ population at a single location – the landing point of the ark. The land area today is discontiguous – this presents a problem for the flood account, as there is no apparent means by which animals may migrate to disconnected land.

Creationists have found possible solution to these apparent problems.


The Post-Noachian Flood Volcano Theory comes from the example of Krakatoa, which, in 1883, erupted and destroyed most of the island, thus remaining lifeless for many years. Still the same life that was there before the eruption eventually came back. It is possible that volcanoes in the Mount Ararat region were able to transport the smaller animals over much greater distances than the animals could get just by walking. [ conservapedia ]

This is the type of answer you get when you start with a presumption and are forced to try and give plausible reason for the absurd.

To imagine that small animals were jettisoned up into the sky, or in some cases the trajectory would require into space, to solve the problem of how the animals spread back across the world following the flood is hysterical.

This is the kind of argument a small child might hypothesize, and you would smile and be proud of them for at least thinking outside the box.  But you wouldn’t for a moment think that they were onto something.

Here Thunderf00t delves into the science that discredits this ‘possible solution’.


There’s not much else to be said.

Even without a scientific explanation, rudimentary powers of logic and reasoning alone are enough to understand if you’re caught in the blast of a volcano enough to jettison you a great distance, you’re going to be blown apart.

Not to mention it would be nothing short of a miracle to survive the landing.  But if you believe miracles are possible, why not transport the cuddly animals by less traumatic means?


Why Not Teleportation?

the great flood
Thunderf00t illustrates the trajectory a koala bear jettisoned from a volcano to Australia.

Perhaps you could argue that god works within the laws of physics; though a miracle is by definition a suspension of the laws of physics, but still, let’s go with this.

You can then argue that teleportation is outside the bounds of laws of the Universe; though that one day may well prove not to be the case.  But being ejaculated into the sky by a volcano to travel a great distance and landing safely, with well being intact enough to reproduce, is also outside the known laws of physics.

No matter how generous I can be with this argument, I can’t lend it an ounce of plausibility.

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