Jacmus relies upon the support and ability of small business’ to take advantage of Jacmus’ affordable key banner placement and advertise with Jacmus. Our Profit Share Program encourages and empowers Permanent Writers. These Writers are advocates and activists for serious, controversial topics such as the rise in atheism, transparency in governments, political systems and ideologies, freedom of the press, the influence of humanism, climate change and global warming, and exploration of science and space.

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Jacmus contains third party advertising from Google, and a number of other 3rd party vendors with whom we have affiliations.  With some of our 3rd party advertising we do not choose what you will see.  If you regularly visit Jacmus and would like to support us, we would love it if you did not hide advertising on this site.  We provide our articles, inspirations and news for free to a growing readership and our advertising is the main source of income for keeping our network online.

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Word of mouth is a powerful tool.  Guest Writers not only benefit from being introduced to Jacmus’ audience base but we in turn benefit from access to their supporters. Our Permanent Writers are involved across different platforms of social media where an interactive audience awaits.

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Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Four Square and Pinterest are just a number of the platforms, that our Permanent Writers use to connect regularly with their audience, sharing their ideas explored further by links to their articles at Jacmus.  The Writers’ connection with their growing audiences and sharing of links, increases visits to the articles of this website.  These personal connections Jacmus Writers have developed, are invaluable for growing our community.

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Once a solid base of articles have been published under different categories, Jacmus’ plan is to advertise and grow its diverse audience through targeted marketing. Jacmus participates in third party advertising such as Facebook advertising and Google Search advertising ,as well as reciprocal linking with selected websites or blogs that provide value to the reader.

Word Press is a leading Content Management System used primarily for personal and business websites. Jacmus’ use of Word Press provides Writers, Editors and Administration with powerful analytical tool for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This focus will help drive more traffic to Jacmus and to your prominently displayed advertisement.

Our Advertisement and Targeted Marketing campaigns are very affordable and designed to increase the interest of small and medium sized businesses. By pass social media marketers. Don’t allow your company to be spammed on the Internet.  While this may increase visits to your website business temporarily, in the long wrong it will have a negative impact on business brand and positioning online.

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We reserve the right to select our advertisers who advertise directly with Jacmus.  Our advertising prices start at $7.70 a month, including GST (if applicable).  Please contact for information on our available key placement advertising and prices.

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